Arknights: Prelude is Dawn anime character designs, new cast members revealed thanks to stunning graphics

Arknights: Key Prelude graphics are Dawn.Photo source: @arknightsen/twitter

On October 14, 2022, the official Twitter account, where the adaptation of the anime Hypergryph Arkknights on smartphones appeared, revealed three new members of the cast Arknights: Prelude to Dawn and seven new key visual elements focusing on various characters.

Animation Arknights: Prelude to Dawn will premiere on TV Tokyo on October 28, 2022.Osaka, BS11 and Animax will be broadcast in Japan on October 29, 2022.Arknights: Prelude is Dawn announced as “Season 1”, which means that the second season is possible.

Who are the newly announced cast members?

Arknights: Prelude is Dawn newly announced cast members are:

Kouichi Yamader – Wei Yenwumomo Asakura – Medicchiki Kobayashi – Guardian

Who are previously announced cast members?

Arknights: Prelude is a long -announced cast members:

Yuki Kaida – doctor Tomoyo Kurosawa – Amiyaatsumi Tansezaki – Dobermannayane Sakura – Nearlshizuka Ishigami – Ch’en Kiyono Yasuno – Hoshigumaai Kakuma – Frankayui Ishikawa – Liskarmmanaka iwami – exusiaaiazusa tadokoroShe had voice2> Who are the members of the production team2>? Arknights: Prelude are Dawn members of the production team is:

Director – Yuki Watanabe (short anime on the first anniversary of Holy Knight Light and other animated short films promoting the game for smartphones) Animation – Yostar Picturesasistant director – Masatak Nishikawa (short anime on the first anniversary of Holy Knight Light) designer/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, SSSS. Gridman)

7 new visualizations are presented in characters and their factions

Character design for a doctor.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

The doctor is a mysterious strategist from Rhodes, which commands operators from Rhodes – a group trying to find a cure for Oripathy.They also help those who are infected with oripatia, who acquired the ability to use magic.

Character designs for the guard, ASA and Medyka.Photo source: @arknightsen/twitter

Rhodes Island operators: Guard, Ace and Medic who are working on finding a cure for Oripathy.

Character designs for Texas and Exusiaa.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

Rental couriers Penguin Logistics: Texas and Exusiai.

Character designs for Wei Yenwu, Ch’en and Hoshigumy.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

Wei Yenwu, who is a politician, as well as Ch’en and Hoshigum from Lungmen, who are policemen.They cooperate against a terrorist organization known as the Reunion movement, which consists of infected Arts users.

Character designs for Kal’tsita and Amiya.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

Medical Director Kal’tsit and Chief Director of Amiya from Rhodes, who are looking for a cure for Oripathy.

Character designs for Dobermann and Nearl.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

Dobermann, who is an instructor and operator of Nearl from Rhodes, who is looking for a cure for Oripathy.

Character designs for Liskarma and Franki.Photo: @Arknightsen/Twitter

Blacksteel Liskarm and Frank military subcontractors.

What is the plot of Arknights?

The game is embedded in a dystopian, post -apocalyptic world in which people have the features of “kemonomi” (characteristics of animals or features of mythological breeds).On the planet Terra, its inhabitants are harassed by natural disasters, which leave behind a mineral called Originium, which infects people with a disease called oripatia.One of the extraordinary side effects of Oripatia is that it allows people to use magic, which they finally call “art”.

People infected with oripatia are avoided and persecuted because of their powers and the fact are doomed to death.However, people still acquire this mineral originium, because it gives a lot of energy, which makes them a valuable resource.In order to protect themselves infected from the Reunion movement – a group of fighters that begins a war with a corrupt, despotic government of the planet Terra.

In the game on smartphones, the player plays the role of masked and suffering from amnesia “Doctor”.The doctor commands the team of “Operators” – a pharmaceutical, medical and self -defense organization, which has its own operational base on the island of Rhodes.These operators are looking for a cure for Oripacy, but they are in the middle of the conflict between Reunion who do not want to be cured and the Terra government.

Where can I play on the game smartphone?

In May 2019, the Free RPG/Defense of the Arknights Tower was released in China by developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph.In January 2020, the game was released around the world by Yostar.At Arknights, you can play on Andorid and iOS platforms and offers gach game mechanics.

Since 2019, Arknights have inspired several animated promotional films, including a 9-minute film titled Holy Knight Light, who commemorated the first anniversary of the game.

The short anime Holy Knight Light can be seen on the official Yostar channel on YouTube HERE:

Short anime Holy Knight Light.

In March 2022, a spin-off game was announced entitled Arknights: Endfield for PCs and mobile devices.

Are you looking forward to the anime Arknights: Prelude to Dawn?What about the upcoming Arknights game: Endfield?Let us know in the comments section below!