Arknights: Prelude to Dawn reveals the appearance of the characters and new cast details

The Arknights English account on Twitter has published seven visualizations of characters to the upcoming anime Arknights [Prelude to Dawn], which will start at the end of this month, October 28.Doctor, Dobermann, Ch’en, Exusiai and Amiya.

In addition to visual effects, the Twitter account also provided some new program to cast.The newly announced cast members are

Koichi Yamader

as wei yenwu,

Momo Asakura

as a medic and

Chaki Kobayashi

as a guard.

Arknights: Prelude this Dawn directs

Yuuki Watanabe

and the director’s assistant is

Nishikawa massags

.Earlier they served as directors of units and script with several promotional films of the Arknights game.

Yostar Pictures

, which previously produced many animated promotional films for Arknights, is a company dealing with the production of animation.It was reported that they have 2.35: 1 aspect ratio and 5.1-channel sound.

Other employees are

Aya Takafuji

(full version of the anime PV Blue Archive) as an animation designer, Bic Studio

Minoru Onishi

(Anime trailers Arknights “Shoushinshu” and “Yamichirasu Hanabi”, Sakugan) as an artistic director,

Keiko Gotou

(Samurai 7, various anime trailers Arknights) as a color designer,

Kouhei tanada

(Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop) as director of photos and

Yuuki Hayashi

(My Hero Acadekaren) as a music composer.

Arknights is a free tower defense game on iOS and Android developed by


.The game was released in China in 2019, and the world premiere took place in 2020.

Google Play describes the game as:

Play the role of a key member of the island of Rhodes, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a fatal infection and anxiety that it leaves behind.Together with your leader Amiya you will recruit operators, train them, and then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who would have gone the world in confusion.