At Suzume Makoto Shinkai, the cat and chair play key roles

Your name.The new film by director Makoto Shinkaia, Suzume No Tojimari (also known as the Suzume door lock), has an official international name and it is simply Suzume.Toho Films also sent the second trailer of the film on Thursday.With the trailer update

official website

She also revealed her key graphics and more information about castings.The film will start in Japan on November 11, 2022.

Check the graphics of the movie poster below.

Here is the second trailer of Suzume.English subtitles are available in the subtitles.

Note: The trailer reveals scenes and dialogues that can be considered spoilers.If you want to watch a movie in which the plot details are slightly less pronounced, try to watch the first trailer instead.

The new trailer of Suzume reveals more information about the role of Souta (played by Hokuto Matsumura).The title Suzume meets the lift near his home, where he sees how he tries to close the mysterious, free -standing door emanating with extraordinary energy.They both connect by closing the door, but one day the mysterious cat turns Souta into a children’s chair on three legs.Still, being able to move, but unable to close the door, the lift and Suzume must cooperate by traveling through Japan to close the door and track down the sinister cat.The cat seems to be going to open another door (or be there when they open) and is excited about the prospect of disasters that threaten.

Suzume opens on November 11, 2022 in Japan.The international edition is to take place in 2023, served by Crunchyroll and Wild Bunch outside Asia.