Atsumararu – the largest event of Japanese culture in India

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Get ready for the upcoming largest Japanese cultural event in India!Atsumaru is coming with a great event for all anime fans from The Hub Banglore.Attsumaru is a great event that will be celebrated two years in a row.It’s like a dream for Otaku in India.

Atsumaru you can experience Japanese food, music, games and many other things.What’s more, it doesn’t resemble any other Japanese event in India, which lasts only a few hours.Because Attsumararu is a 12-hour event from which you can enjoy as much as you want.

In addition, this is not the first time Attsumaru organizes an event for Otakus in India.Last year, they organized about 4-5 events for all anime fans.But the upcoming event, which will take place on October 29 in India, will celebrate one of the largest Japanese cultural events.

What is the Atsumaru Event?

As anime fans, we all want to participate in Comicon, where we meet people like us or you can say with the same interest.Attsumaru fills the gap and creates a space where everyone can meet and celebrate fully.This is a 12-hour event that will start at noon and last until midnight.

This event is possible thanks to many organizations, such as Atsumaru, The Hub Banglore, and Know A Guy Productions and many other sponsors.In addition, Attsumaru organizes many events for all anime fans in 2021 and this is their second event in 2022.

If you know the creators’ community, you probably heard the name The Hub Banglore.It is an agency that supports digital creators, influencers and people who want to develop on social media.

Let’s take a look at what (but not only) you will receive in this event:

Japanese cuisine cyberpunk lightning epic gaming arena cosplayers gadgets

How to take part in the Atusumaru event?

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Now we know how good this event is, but how and where to take part in this event?First of all, the location of Atsamru is Banglore, a karnatka, and the date of the celebration is October 29.The price of the admission ticket is RS.2250, but you can do it for even less if you buy it before.In addition, over 1000-1500 people will gather to celebrate the Atsumar Festival.


Over the past 10 years, the Indians have become more aware of anime, manga or you can say Japanese culture.But there is still not much for anime fans in India.Just as we do not get theatrical editions of anime, the manga is more expensive than in other countries and has limited possibilities of watching anime online.But the good news is that events such as Atsumaru change slowly, but we are still making progress.

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