Attack on Titan Stage Musical Shares Pics of Survey Corps, Eren’s Parents

Attack on the Titan Stage Musical Shares Pics of Survey Corps, Eren’s Parents

by Danika Davidson on October 24, 2022.

In September, it was announced that there was to be a musical Attack on Titan.Why not?Having musicals on the stage as large as now in Japan, and Attack on Titan is a huge success, it seemed only a matter of time.And now we have more photos to know what to expect.

But before you ask … no, we don’t have any photos of titans to see how stage art will attract them.(In the announcement, they look like computer animated, but how it works on stage, it’s another matter …) However, we have images of the reconnaissance corps, ready to fight titans.

While the trailer gave us a look at Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi, other character paintings also appeared.

Kodansha publishes the original Attack on Titan manga in English.It gave such a description of the series:

“Giant giants known as titans appeared a hundred years ago and consumed almost a few thousand people.Survivors took refuge behind giant walls.Today, the threat from the titans is a distant memory, and the boy named Eren wants to discover the world behind the wall Maria.But what began as a childish dream will become too real a nightmare when the titans return and humanity is again on the edge of extinction … Attack on Titan is an award -winning and best -selling New York Times series, or manga hit decade!The attack on the titan, which appeared as the hit series anime of the same name, became a sensation of pop culture. ”

The Attack on Titan stage musician will debut in January this year.Tickets for this event cost just below $ 100 per item, and ticket reservation will start on November 5.




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