Attack on Titan: The Musical Reveals Main Picture

Attack on Titan: The Musical, whose premiere is to start in 2023, received the main graphics depicting members of the training corps and the reconnaissance corps entering the action under the command of Erwin Smith.

Attack on Titan: Musical will be opened on January 7 at the Orix Theater in Osaka, where it will last until January 9.Later, the musical will be exhibited at the Tokyo Nippon Seinenkan Hall from January 14 to 24.

The musical is directed by


, whose stage directors are, among othersButai Akudama Drive and Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle-Rule The Stage: Bad Ass Temple against Matenro.The main trio Eren, Mikasa and Armin are playing

Okamiya curaum


Sara Takatsuki


Eito konishi


© 諫山 創 ・ 講談社 / 「進撃 の 巨人」 」-The musical- 委員会 委員会

Hajime Isayama

Published by Kodansha Manga Attack on Titan, it lasted from 2009 to 2021 with 34 amounts of tankoubon.Anime adaptation began in 2013 when


produced the first three seasons, while


She took over the role of a company producing animations for various parts of the final season, including the upcoming part 3. There were also spin-offs, video games, a two-part live action movie, live drama and many others.

Kodansha USA describes the manga as:

One hundred years ago, grotesque giants known as titans appeared and consumed almost a few thousand people.Survivors took refuge behind giant walls.Today, the threat from the titans is a distant memory, and the boy named Eren wants to discover the world behind the wall Maria.But what began as a childish dream will become an overly real nightmare when the titans return and humanity will again be on the edge of extinction …




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