Autumn 2022 – Week 3 in Review

Hello and welcome back in Wrong Every Time.I am pleased to announce that this week I did this damn thing and checked about half a dozen new anime from the season.Gundams, Shonen Hita, Anime-Orginal;You call it, I watched it (if your names coincide with a handful of loud productions that I actually displayed).The autumn season turns out to be a historically strange moment in the production of anime;We get a wide range of prestigious productions, but the industry is in a state of full crisis in terms of staff and schedule, which means that even some very advertised productions already show cracks.In the coming weeks, we will probably witness various production breakdowns, but for now it seems that this is one of the most arranged anime seasons for years.Let’s break it!

We will start with an easy reflection on well -being, in the last season MOB Psycho 100. Adaptation of Mob Yuzuru Tachikawa turned out to be one of the best anime productions of the last history, with each season offering wonderfully ingenious artistic projects, persistently dynamic storyboard and stunning feats of animation.What’s more, all this beautiful art is combined with a story that has an authentic emotional view and even a certain thematic complexity!The story of MOBA with extraordinary sharpness faced the dangers of growing up and alienation of modern society, rising on the way to really shocking emotional peaks.

Although Tachikawa’s tight schedule made him withdraw from the role of the main director in the third season you can see that the production remains in good hands.The first two episodes of the third season have already shown both the visual size and the emotional strength you expect from MOB, and because the season actually ended production in spring, I expect that from that moment everything will increase.Mob Psycho is a beautiful anomaly in the modern anime landscape, it is a rare intersection of an ambitious, rising director, talented and well -supported staff and source material that is worthy of them.I am delighted and simply grateful that I see how it ends.

I also checked the most promoted season program, Chainsaw Man.I really liked the first Tom Chainsaw Man (you can read my thoughts on this subject here), but I was very skeptical about the adaptation of my tone and charm, especially when the announcements began to appear.Chainsaw Man in a comic form resembles a wild work of outsider art, a kind of mockery, disregarding social commentary, which can be expected from Zin left in a local comic store.The style of adaptation from which they seemed to walk was deprived of any aesthetic roughness, bringing him to the style of “modern prestige Shonen” of heavy post-processing and a pretend photocracy adopted by series such as Jujutsu Kaisen.

The actual premiere, unfortunately, only confirmed my suspicions about the graphic design of the spectacle; He has been adapted to look like a specific, genre type “cool”, which seems to mean prestige and seriousness to modern recipients, but he completely lacks the personality of the original manga. I could probably live with it, but it was more condemned to make the last scene dependent on CG Chainsaw Man for his great set of action. Currently, Land of the Lustrous is the only anime that really solved the fascinating CG action, and this simplified model of the figurine of action has fallen significantly, much below this standard. It was a distance disappointment, falling from expectations, and also ensuring that what this adaptation would probably give priority (action scenes) will not even look good. My biggest conclusion from this episode was “Please, do not let this adaptation discourage you from familiarizing yourself with the manga.”

Then appeared the latest production of Gundam, The Witch from Mercury.I was a little late for this boat, but crazy news from my mouth, promising Utena Gundam and The Tempest Gundam, forced me to catch up.And indeed, Mercury is absolutely both Utena and the Gundam storm, along with a charming and energy -full story in itself.

Although he wrote some smelly things, Ichiro Okouchi remains one of my favorite writers working in anime.Even in his smaller works, a man simply does it, including creativity and ambition to conspiracy, which puts him next to very few writers in a frustrating conservative era of contemporary anime.In addition, although his selection of twists and other things may sometimes be incorrect, he understands the basics of narrative design and characteristics, which ensure that all his works have the essence of form and character, setting the base lines of his stories much above the most adapted manga and light novels.Thirdly, he actually writes stories that apply from the very beginning, adopting the promise of stories as holistic vehicles for great topics and self -reflective sagas, and not just continuous episodic parts.

Until now, The Witch from Mercury embodies all the virtues accompanying this level of anime writing, using the comfortable bones of her episodic structure adapted to Utena to emphasize the cast and intriguing New World, while ending each episode with a generous momentum of traditionally animated work.Unfortunately, the production in this film was unhealthy from the very beginning, and the series is already beginning to show some features in visual and compositional terms.I seriously support the witch from Mercury and I will definitely stick to her, but I suspect that we will end up with a few suspiciously looking episodes.

Then I checked toIt Yourself !!, which until now served as “Insider Hype” of the production of this season, is very expected by people who really know something about anime production staff.The first episode was actually filled with aesthetic creativity, from beautiful pastel backgrounds to unrestrained, expressive heroines.The episode was infinitely glorious in terms of visual design, but to be honest, it was difficult for me to get involved in its full tonal stylizations of Iyashikei.

Heroine Yui just felt too detached from human experiences that I could get involved in her feelings, while the humor of the series was too mild and simplified to ever make me laugh.It’s a rare iyashikei that really catches me;Generally, I need some element of production to feel genuinely related or touching for me, whether through makeup, conceptual hooks or anything else.Do it yourself!!He didn’t really offer me it, so I checked my watch during this premiere and I would probably drop it here.

And finally, yes, of course, there was bleach.Bleach: A thousand -year blood war, in fact, which roared from the gate in an incredibly luxurious layer of paint.The director Tomohis taguchi saturated the latest Bleach saga in lighting and post -production, offering dramatic shading and flickering saturation of neon lights basically at any time of posing of the character.And considering that it is a damn bleach, it is basically three -quarters of the current production.Bleach has always been a tool for characters standing in groups and creating cool poses, and Taguchi’s style seems to be perfect for highlighting such moments.

Unfortunately, it’s still Bleach, which means that the story is simply “a group of new bad guys appeared out of nowhere and attacked, go after them!”In addition, while Taguchi’s style matches Bleach’s priorities, it is also very labor -intensive and poorly suited to the moments of real character movement.Considering that production is not filled with excess talent, I expect the second shoe to appear in a short time and I can’t imagine that we will receive something like Huuco Mundo from the original Bleach.Despite this, Bleach is an easy watch that provides the whole house with a wave of youthful nostalgia;We will probably ride this train until he descends from the tracks.

This covers my views, but the very announcement of this article meant that I called half a dozen shouts of “Where is Bocchi”, so you can look at the transfer to supplement Bocchi next week.See you next time!