Ballon d’Or: Each winner received NFT during the ceremony

Digital technology takes over football.During the Golden Ball ceremony, each winner received his NFT.

For some period of time

Non -replaceable tokens (NFT) have become necessary

in the world of sport.For example, on May 17, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) launched its first NFT collection in advance for its licensee.As for football, NFT is also popular.Indeed, during the presentation of the 66th Golden Ball, which took place on October 17, 2022 in Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris,

Each winner has received his “unnevarian token”


Golden ball is the most important football trophy

.He is inspired by a round golden comet that fell to Earth 66 years ago.This iconic award was awarded to the best players in the world.But this famous award is to remain a special work.Now Ballon d’Or has entered the Web3 space with

NFT collection based on the Peyrite


very rare mineral species

, consisting of precious metals and atoms that make Ballon d’Or a unique work.During development

Golden ball

2022 It has been found that thanks to the digitization of this stone

He gained unique properties

.Today, the biggest football fans have the opportunity to get it and enter the most private football.

Digital stones are auctioned

The balloon group d’Or did not stop on one stone.According to their sites, there are other valuable and valuable stones that they offer

unusual benefits

.These are “real pyrite”, “fragments of pyrite” and “Digital Ballon d’O or Awards”.According to sources

The starting price of the “real pyrite” auction was 635ꜩ, or 999 euros

.The purpose of this new project is to increase the speed, reduce the costs and complexity of the transaction.But also use one of the most energy -saving blockchains.This is the first award ceremony of this type.The virtual trophy is “unique in terms of metadata and permanently anchored in the block chain.”We remind you that NFT technology allows you to link a digital object

unsecured authenticity certificate

guaranteeing the official ownership of its exclusive owner.