Bang dream!Voice actress Risa Tsumugi marries the composer Yuki Honda

They both described sweetly in handwritten messages

They both described sweetly in their handwritten messages.Tsumugi wrote that Honda is someone who has a “style that resembles a Buddha in a way in which she tolerates my constant energy.”Meanwhile, Honda described Tsumugi as “a” bright and zealous person like the sun, a wonderful person who always runs in full swing. “He noted that as a person who goes at his own pace, Tsumugi is someone he can respect.

They both thanked the fans for their support and sworn that they would give their best in their work.

Risa Tsumugi is best known for lending Chiyu Tamade/Chicu in Bang Dream!franchise.Saki Izumo also plays in the D4DJ series, Fina in the Bermuda triangle: Colorful Pastrale and Tazusa Andō in Assault Lily Bouquet.

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