Bastard !!-heavy metal, dark fantasy-part 2

Netflix finally decided to give us the other half of Bastard !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-, equivalent to the anime playing D&D with characters at level 20, while someone plays metal music in the background.I will not waste too much time to browse the overall attractiveness of Bastard, because if you read this review, there is a chance that at least you know its overall tone, atmosphere and the course of the story.Heavy metal soundtrack is still absolutely amazing, all projects are simple, but they retain very retro appearance, and the animation ranges from mainly solid to amazing, especially when it comes to some of the more extravagant spell attacks.The performance is 100% on your face, exposes the tongue and blinks to the camera with a sense of humor, which ranges from being dirty to ruthless self -awareness.

My biggest problem in the first half was that some parts seemed more restrained than they should.When you have the main character, such as Dark Schneider, who has nothing but the terrible features – from narcissism to glaring disrespect for everyone – and yet everyone with whom he will come across are overwhelmed by an incredible desire to throw him away, fulfillment of wishes can flash wellscreen in neon lights.This is a fantasy with power that promises an amazing action, sex and violence.However, apart from Dark Schneider, there was not as much excesses as I expected from such a show.The violence was relatively tame, and most of the nudity or suggested intimate scenes are censored or shot outside the screen to some extent.

I think that a lot of it boiled down to the fact that many villains with whom Dark Schneider fought in the first half were the people he knew and eventually either recruited or seduced, which prevents them from having a more funny personality than Schneider.But in the middle of the road, the main cast is completely grounded, which means that everything that is left is to face the other villains of the darkness of darkness.After removing this original appearance I feel like Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy finally could scream at the whole throat … well, mainly.

Sexual clearness is more or less the same, if not more subdued compared to the first half, but I think that at this point it is quite strongly determined, that heavy metal, dark fantasy would prefer to joke with sexual insinuations than promise any real sex on the screen,And these moments definitely made me laugh.In addition, in the second half, almost everything else gained momentum – from violence, through action to comedy.There are many more blood and body mutilation, we get to know more exaggerated and destructive spells, and the villains do it like crazy.

One of the things I particularly liked in the second half are villains who retain the perfect balance between being intimidating and incredibly banal.The voice appearing in both versions helps a lot, but Ray Chase as Abigail deserves special attention.I loved his aura of conceit, which seemed almost to match Dark Schneider, and at the same time she was like the cockroach that would simply not die.While many fights simply boils down to Dark Schneider, who pulls a new random spell from his ass to defeat the villain, there were moments when others were allowed to shine, as well as the moments when Schneider was really caught unconscious.

However, the fact that everything has been accelerated does not mean that everything was fine. Although I appreciate a lot of self -conscious humor, which began to pave the way in the middle of the series, some jokes from the second half do not really work, especially when they rely too much on referring to the present day. Things in this medieval environment. References to Shonen Jump’s clues seemed at least coherent, but those about Santa Claus, for example, seemed a bit too little, even for this material. In addition, when the action (and sometimes tension) is constantly turned up to the max, it seems to me that the series did not really know when and how to calm down, as if he was still trying to outdo himself. Not cheating too much, Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy had more endings than the ruler of the Rings and it was definitely a bit exhausting when everything ended, even if the trailer of the next things was tempting.

In general, the other half is probably the closest Bastard !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-I am sitting what was supposed to be.He is brutal, aggressively aimed at your face and walks with confidence that is not seen in many programs nowadays.If you were not interested in any things from the first half, then the next batch of episodes will probably not do it for you.If you have arrived so far in the series, you are probably already at this point, so it’s nice that the program rewards you with even more things that we probably liked.In general, Bastard !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-it’s just a good time for those who like this special type of excess and ridicule.