Bastos and Carla Moreau in the cold?Follow us on Instagram

After new revelations, her husband Kevin Guedja, Carla Moreau, accounts with Bastos.

The case has done a lot of noise for several days.Kevin Guedj is accused of

cheating on his wife

Carli Moreau.Belle Longwell claims that they had a bodily relationship while filming the battles (TFX).Facts negated entirely by Dad Ruby (3 years).The beauty of reality television could not bear Kevin and his friends accusing her of a lie after the interview with Bastien Grimal.And this Thursday, October 13, 2022, Bastos decided to express himself by unveiling the next film.After passing on a young woman, he analyzed the matter.”There are many people who considered this film to be good because I defended Belle,” he began.Before expressing an opinion on the whole story.

But these statements did not appeal to Carli Moreau.She reacted hard, giving up the subscription to Bastos’s Instagram account.Then he said in history: “Girls always shoot at messengers.What do you think ?»You didn’t have to wait long for Carli’s answer:” Hello Messenger.I checked, there is no SMS, no letter, you still have my number and address!Look carefully, you sent me a message to confirm your presence at our wedding, where you were … and my address must be known well, since you ate at my table a few weeks ago … so at least …


.I wish you good luck to all friends of the messenger … communicates only through YouTube.»

Nothing goes well between Bastos and Belle

The story also had

influence on the pair

created a few weeks ago by Belle and Bastos.In his video on YouTube, Bastos recalls the consequences of this discovery for his own relationship with the beautiful Brazilian.”Anyway, regardless of whether she lied or told the truth, it was something that stuck in my head.I couldn’t throw it out of my head, I couldn’t say, “Forget about it” – explained the candidate for reality TV.And add: VSI is something that every time we argued, it stood out.And from the moment I decided to move on and go out with her, I should have been forgetting her.I disappointed and this is one of the reasons why our relationship failed. “Good news for their fans: Despite Belle and Bastos, they intend to remain good friends.