Batman: Planned new films with iconic characters

Director Matt Reeves has not yet ended with Batman’s universe.In addition to the series, the latter has several projects regarding iconic villains.

Matt Reeves, the director of Batman, has many ideas, but above all the approval of Warner’s brothers to do what he wants.And he will take this special opportunity to broaden his universe.

Batman will focus on iconic villains

Now that Matt Reeves has Carte Blanche, he intends to use it and Warner Bros.After earning $ 770.8 million around the world, The Batman will make a sensation.According to The Hollywood, a reporter, the director is on all fronts.

In addition to writing a continuation, other films will appear, and that is no less important.In these full -length films, the villains of the universe will be stars.

Matt Reeves plans to give her version of fear for sparrows alias fear for sparrows, but also, more surprising, Clayface Alias Clayface and Professor Pyg

.The latter that could be seen in the Gotham series.Warner said some time ago:

We want to create an atmosphere in which all these directors can stand out, do their job and stay with us when they join the Warner family.

It was very important for us to stop Matt and create a house so that he can perform other projects in the Batman universe, but also other original things.


Warner spokesman.

And the Penguin series?He is on the right track back Colin Farrell in the role.This will take place a week after Batman’s events and will be presented as a history lasting from 6 to 8 hours.

It is so well written.Lauren Lefranc did an amazing job, writes everything and directs the series.Is terrifying.This is just an exciting perspective.I love this character.I wanted more.I felt that I didn’t have enough with a penguin.I wanted to do more

Colin Farrell during an interview for