Battle of clans: “I am a terrible person”, Laura Marra makes great betrayal

In the episode of Klan Battle of October 24, Laura Marra made great betrayal.And she wants it very much.We’ll tell you everything here.

JLC and Klan Guedj have been without their leaders for several days.Therefore, both teams have to do without jazz, Laurent, Carli Moreau and

Kevin Guedj

.To replace them, Emine and Alex are the heads of actors.During the episode 24 October, the Guedj clan won the event.And substitute leaders must also come to the power table.But just before

Allan decided to come up with a small strategy.

A young man absolutely wants to save Laura Marra, who is clearly threatened in JLC!

Allan Guedj then goes to Laura Marry to explain to her what she intends to do.The young woman is then touched that she wants to save her.And when Laura Marra asks him who Guedj would like to eliminate from JLC, he pronounces the name Emin.In the meantime, a young man goes to Emine to offer him an arrangement.If he saves Laura Marra, she will give her a favor in an adventure.

Allan then makes Eine believe that his team wants Laura L. to leave his adventure because he betrayed them, swearing faithfulness.

“I feel very, very bad”

After this discussion, Eine goes to Noém to tell her everything.Laura Marra arrives in turn and reveals that Guedj want to eliminate her.The latter realizes that Allan lied to him.That is why he proposes Laura infiltration of the enemy camp in exchange for protection.What she accepts.

And when Allan goes to her to assure her that he did everything to save her, confides:

“I feel very, very bad, because Allan entrusted me with a secret and does everything to save her and throw it Emin.And besides, I tell him to believe that I can leave my adventure at any time.I am a terrible person at that time.I can’t clearly look at myself in the mirror.»

Because playing a double game, she risks against her …