Bayonetta Va says she was replaced after receiving a low offer

Bayonetta Va says she was replaced after receiving a low offer

by Danica Davidson on October 17, 2022.

Recently, information appeared that Crunchyroll will replace Kyle McCarley as a MOB in the third season of MOB Psycho 100. According to McCarley, it is because Crunchyroll did not want to start a discussion with the relationship.Now another voice actor has performed after he was replaced in the role of video games to explain why it happened.

Hellena Taylor was the voice of Bayonetta in Bayonetta and Bayonett 2 games, but in the upcoming Bayoneta 3, the voice of the main heroine will play Jennifer Hale.

Director Yusuke Miyata said that the change of voice actors occurred because “various overlapping circumstances hindered Hellenie Taylor’s replay of her role.”And also: “We carried out interrogations to cast a new voice of Bayonetta and proposed the role of Jennifer Hale, which in our opinion suited this character well.”

Taylor, however, provides movies on Twitter tells a different story.

“Franza Bayonetta earned about $ 450 million,” she said.(Information about how much franchise has earned, not available online to check this number.) “It does not include goods.As an actor, I trained a total of seven and a half years.Three years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art … and four half a year with the legendary Larry Moss in Los Angeles.And how much did they think it was worth?What did they offer to pay me?The final offer, for the entire game, as purchase, at a fixed rate, was $ 4,000.It’s an insult to me.The amount of time I spent on working on my talent and everything I gave this game and fans … “.

Taylor says he asks fans to boycott the game and spend the money they would spend on charity.She put a total of four films discussing what she said and her thoughts.

Hidki Kamiya, the creator of Bayonetta, wrote on Twitter something that could be the answer to this: “sad and regretted attitude of untruth.That’s all I can say now. ”

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