Benoît Dubois: Politicians and animators send him “intimate” photos, shocking revelations

Benoît Dubois, the current columnist for the TPMP People program next to Matthieu Delormeau, revealed that he had received suggestive photos from well -known politicians and animators during the program of October 15, 2022.

Since then, Benoît Dubois has gone through his participation in Secret Story in 2010.

The great winner of the fourth edition

Since then, he appeared in several reality show TV programs.We can cite Carré VIIP (2011), The Angels of Reality TV 6: Australia (2014) and Friends Trip (2018).The host even made a short episode in the program, thanks to which he became known in 2014.Next

He returned to the House of Secrets

At Secret Story 8. Amélie Nten, another known candidate from the world of reality television was also present this season.

Since participation in these various programs, a 32-year-old young man has changed his professional career.The former hairdresser stayed

columnist and TV presenter

.In particular, he led Le Mag in 2015, which he then animated, replacing Matthieu Delormeau.The program was completed on July 3, 2015. He also co -hosted Le Daily Mag (with Karima Charni),

and The Reality TV Mag

In the company of Capucine Anav.



He receives very suggestive photos of “people from the media and politics”!


– TPMP People (@tpmppeople)

October 15, 2022

Shocking revelations in TPMP People

Benoît Dubois has been a regular columnist for the TPMP program since 2018.He intervened on the plans of the flagship C8 and TPMP program!Open to everyone.From 2022, he is again the host of the TPMP people program,

whose leader is Matthieu Delormeau

.And it was during the television program on October 15, 2022 that he made a surprising revelation on the set.Indeed, during a column of rumors about the stars, he stated in particular that already

He received acts from famous animators

or politicians.”There are people from the media who send me their photos … photos of intimate parts …” – he assured.The affirmation for which Matthieu Delormeau returned, saying to him: “Wait, wait, are there stars sending you their ***?”.Benoît Dubois then explained: “Yes, animators, politics people.”

Former winner of Secret Story

He added that

Although he did not consider it

, “Maybe swing the photos”, mentioning that “the fact of revealing these photos” can harm him in his career.

Loving with humor, Matthieu Delormeau asked him who the people were who sent him these suggestive photos.The question that Benoit Dubois preferred to avoid.

At the end of this topic

The presenter explained: “I am still very surprised and something is surprising to me … The fact that you are small columnists (note: turning to another columnist at the same time), I am a great star.I don’t get any photos. “Will we have in the future

More information about this matter

?Nothing is less certain.