Berserk: Netflix gives a nice announcement.Fans are excited

Netflix has just announced an advertisement that is already happy.The Berserk series considered the best adaptation by fans arrives in France.

The iconic manga, which inspired many works, including Darks Souls, of course Berserk went through the anime box.Not everyone was unanimous, but one of the most popular finally returned and appeared on Netflix.

The best berserk anime will appear on Netflix

It is a monument to the manga and dark fantasy that is coming at Netflix.While the work of Mangaki Kentarô Mury began its renaissance in the Young Animal magazine, the Berserk: The Golden Age Memorial Edition Film Trilogy will be rejected in the animated series.In the meantime, curious and fans will be able to (again) discover one, if not, the best adaptation of the manga.

Berserk from Anime from 1997 will actually be available on the famous SVOD platform from December 1 in France.Adaptation, which should not be confused with the one from 2016, which received very mixed and even murderous reviews.This series of 25 episodes, each 24 minutes, follows events from volumes from 4 to 13, without presenting the story from volume 11 depicting a certain exit.

Meanwhile, a mysterious countdown is underway.Does this have to do with this advertisement?Does not seem.The official website of the Anime Berserk really seems to irritate the great disclosure of December 11.These theories are numerous and seem to indicate a new animation project.Continuation … We remind you that the trilogy of films adapted from manga is still available on Netflix.