Bibliophile princess-episodes 1-3

One could forgive the assumption that for Lady Elianna Bernstein there is nothing more than books. In fact, the first episode of the bibliophile princess seems to do everything to push this narrative – most of what we see is Eli in the library or just sitting with her beloved volumes. For readers of source novels, this may seem a strange choice, taking into account that the original story was told by Eli in the first person, but I think that this helps to make the second episode more striking. Starting from the strictly book Elianna, we see how he looks at the world: through the pages of the book, which he then processes and uses to convey his knowledge about the world around her. This is not what nobody expects from her, both as a prince’s fiancee and a noble lady, so holding us mainly in the dark about everything that is outside, the series shows how Lady Irene managed to come up with the idea that Eli would be easily a convertible wiper .

It is also nice to see how Irene plays something that we all know so well from the book from which the bibliophilic princess comes from: a light novel.The world of Ela is loosely based on the eighteenth -century or nineteenth -century Europe, so of all volumes he has to read, there is probably no light novel, let alone a novel based on wickedness.So there is no reason to recognize what is obvious to us – that Irena is working with the manual of wickedness, from framing the heroine to an attempt to wrap herself with love.Sure, we see similar antics of characters such as Caroline Bingley (famous pride and prejudice), but Irene is much less of her, and more original in Aileen Autriche, and this is something that Eli probably will not recognize.

Fortunately for her, Christopher apparently spent the last eight years in thinking about how to secure Elianna’s hand in marriage. The third episode appears here: she talks about her many years of love for her, only to remind you that she fell in love with him much recently. But although it can be painful for him, he shows Eli (and us) that he took her seriously from the beginning. This means that, while Eli was busy with an incorrect interpretation of his cautious proposal, which would allow her to continue her biblrocentric lifestyle, just like he did the show, what he really did, he really tried to show her that he loves her and respects her for whom. She is and that he doesn’t need her change. When she suggests that she will allow her to read in her office, she gives her a safe and convenient way to get used to herself and his colleagues, and when she tells her that she does not have to make an effort to participate in parties, he tells her that she understands what with what She doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s really romantic and sweet when you look at it this way, and this defines their relationship as a relationship between mutual love and respect.

These three episodes really work best as a whole.They build each other very well, creating a fuller picture of Chris and Ela and their relationship than any of them does.Although it may not be great that all guys actively store information from Elianna, she also does not seem particularly interested in what is hidden.We also do not receive such a full picture of the depth of her knowledge as I would like (the result of the transition from the first -person to the third person), but tips on how to read both basic and secondary sources on a given topic give us an idea of the extent of its reading.And as someone who reads more or less motionless, I think her static reading poses are fine, although visually uninteresting.

The demographic data of the original bibliophile novels of the princess direct Josea and I think that we can see it at this pace – there is no rush to move the story in a fast clip, but instead we believe that the viewer follow the slower history.It may not work for everyone, but for now I am happy with how it develops.


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