Biller: a thousand-year blood war-episodes 1-2

In the world of projects from manga to anime, it is extremely rare that the series, which lasted as long as Bleach, gain full adaptation.In general, too many factors work against this event, business or other, and for some time the fans thought that this would never happen in this series.But here we are, six years from the end of the manga, the whole decade from the end of the first series of anime, and the last episode of Bleach finally hit the small screen.

However, before we get to all this, here is a short note about programming. This arch is in a unique situation, it was adapted a few years after its completion, and at the same time how big this franchise is, I imagine that many readers have already read source materials. For the sake of readers dealing only with anime – and to have something to talk about, and not just deal with the material published ten years ago – I will do my best to approach these reviews with fresh eyes and ears. So just know that if I ask a question about something that I will answer later or something, you do not have to answer these questions or indicate whether I follow something that will later turn out to be a vicious direction. I will not compare it too close to the manga, unless I think that a specific change is noteworthy, because God knows that there is nothing more tedious than a review, which is only a control list of differences between two versions of something, right? Due to the fruitful discussion, I will treat this adaptation to a large extent as an independent work, an episode after the episode, as I would do in every program where I do not know the source.

Apart from the preamble, let’s get to it.I discussed the first episode in the announcement of the announcement, but the short version is the premiere of Tybw performs a solid job, setting this new threat, re -introducing our basic cast and looking damn good, doing all this.It remains the same in the second episode, although it slows down to do the right place setting.We now know the face and the immediate goal of our main guy, still unnamed King Quincy, so this episode takes some time to shuffle pieces and building tension before the upcoming battles.

In this respect, I think this second episode is better than the first. Making Shonen’s bombastic action is quite good, but what really caught my attention in this episode is how well they coped with these quieter moments. The most important of them is the funeral in Soul Society Lieutenant Yamamoto. To be honest, Sasakbe was nothing but one of the countless cool -looking background characters with whom the series never did, and his death in itself served only to determine the rates in the upcoming war and convey details about the enemy of theft of Bankai. As a real character, I do not have an attachment to him. And yet in some way his funeral managed to make me feel sorry for him – or at least Captain Yamamoto – through pure tips. The solemn silence of the servants, illuminated by the disappearing sunlight and knocked down by distant drums, disappeared in a completely quiet memory of Sasakibe, who simply kneeling in faithfulness to Yamamoto, before the captain finally ordered to light a pile; It all just worked. I still couldn’t tell you anything about this guy, except that he has a nice sword, but somewhere in bones, even for a moment, I felt the excruciating stomach a loss that Yamamoto must feel. It’s just perfect craftsmanship.

Another main purpose of the second episode is to properly present our villains, first with our opponent on Earth, a Quilge Care, which thanks to my name I can imagine only as a bad version of Ron Howard in The Andy Griffith Show. It is the quincy we see that he is responsible for gathering Arrancars to strengthen their avant -garde before the full invasion of Soul Society, and he certainly influences. Considering that the Quincy have a Germanic motif – similar to the Spanish Arrancar motif – dressing our first real enemy in a soldier’s outfit from the beginning of the 20th century is what I would call a difficult choice, especially when he exterminates the curled, defenseless victims. against the wall. Apart from the dubious aesthetic taste, the presentation sells the introduction of care again, showing how ruthless and senselessly cruel is for those he considers less, and then showing how much power he has to support it all. Knowing the rules of Shonen Battle Manga, he is still intended to lose from Ichigo, but to God, do you want it to happen after this bastard spent a few minutes on the robbery in front of the camera and the brutal treatment of Arrancar.

Conversely, we get very little from the enigmatic king. We know that he is powerful – strong enough to completely claund Halibel and take over Huco Mundo without rest – but apart from pure strength it is difficult to read. He makes a typical wicked dagger of killing an inept servant, which I am not really a fan, if only because it is such a move to determine that our bad guy is actually a bad guy. This is particularly doubtful because he kills one before the guy manages to submit a full report, leaving their side so that they later realize that he could not steal Bankai Ichigo for any reason. This paints the image of a great evil, who is more interested in Afgating with power than watching his plans to implement, and convicts some of the threats and mysticism that he could otherwise offer. Certainly I do not want to repeat from Aizen and his straining gullibility Uber-Geniusz, but I also hope that our nameless villain not only turns all this bloody war.

The bloody quarrel after war is actually an aspect that I am most interested in in this thread.Quincy has been an interesting but unexplored part of the larger world for a long time, and with them now there are many questions with potentially interesting answers.Where have this king and his supporters have been over the last millennium?Is their only goal to revenge on Soul Society or do they strive for something bigger thanks to this plan to change the balance of living and dead souls?Uryu seems to have some idea about what is happening, but how much he is involved and which side will he choose?Sure, he is associated with Ichigo and he has already fought at the side of other soul reapers, but is it enough to stand against his own heritage?Anyway, how many of these Quincy will shoot to open the Mayuri dome, given that he was very proud of conducting human experiments to Quincy?

Whether for any of these questions will get satisfactory answers, but this is a strong basis for the final history of such a large and influential series.If nothing else has shown that these episodes have not shown that the adaptation is in the right hands, with a team that both understands and can reproduce the attractiveness of the original in animation.For good or for bad, we will have a long way, let’s see where it will lead us.


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