Biller of a thousand -year blood war: What is Wandenreich?

Discover what Wandenreich is in Bleach a thousand -year blood war!

Bleach a thousand -year blood war will soon be available at Disney Plus!

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know what Wandenreich is

, read on!Wandenreich, the main antagonists of Bleach’s upcoming Blood War, lurk in the dark.

It turns out that Soul Society has more fears than Sosuke Aizen and Arrancar.Seventeen months after his defeat, a new threat appears on the horizon.

Bleach a thousand -year blood war

He will focus on the conflict between Shinigami and Quincy.

Leaded by the powerful Yhwach Empire Quincy was given direct orders to eliminate Shinigami.Anime viewers can expect a very bloody conflict in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War.Wandenreich will be one of the most dangerous threats in the whole series.

But what is Wandenreich?

We tell you everything.

What is Wandenreich?EXPLANATION!

1000 years ago, King Quincy, Yhwach, created a great empire called Lichtreich or the Empire of Light on Earth, but eventually collapsed.So Yhwach and his partner Quincy withdrew to a place where the Soul Reaper would never think about looking: to Seireitei, there in Soul Society.

There, in a soul -rich society, the newly created Wandenreich gained strength for centuries, waiting for the right moment to the counterattack.But this moment will not come immediately: Yhwach needed 999 years to regain his strength, body and mind from him, and only when he regained his form, Wandenreich finally worked in Bleach during the Bleach cycle.

A thousand -year blood war.

Wandenreich, or “Invisible Empire”, seems to be a completely military place, without civil infrastructure and clear social classes.The highest leader is, of course, King Yhwach himself with his right hand, Jugram Haschwalth, as his adviser.When Yhwach sleeps, Haschwalth replaces him by borrowing his almight power to ensure that he is always available.



The equivalent of the captain is the Sternritter’s corps or “star knights”, and four members of Schutzstaffel act as Kas Sternritter.There are 26 of them, including the Yhwach, and each of them has a Schrift or the letter of the Roman alphabet, which gives it exceptional power.

Sternritter is almost as strong as the captains of the reaper souls and they are certainly more numerous, thanks to which


It is a serious threat only for this reason.


He is also home to many Quincy soldiers, i.e. private soldiers who follow the battle.During the first attack on Soul Society.To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

Some soldiers are members of Jagdarmee or the Hunting Corps and are designed to travel to places such as Huco Mundo to recruit new warriors to