Biller of a thousand -year blood war: Who is Quilge Care?

Find out who Quilge Care is in Bleach a thousand -year blood war!

Bleach a thousand -year blood war!It will soon be available at Disney Plus!

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know who Quilge Care is

, read on!In episode 2, the group observes how members of Jagdarmee lead dozens of bred Ararancars from the battlefield, which in itself is a horror scene.Jagdarmee leader,


, Care begins to kill Arrancars one by one, saying nonsense that if they ask for his life or join them, they will also be killed.

Suddenly two prisoners avoid the attack and break the shackles, revealing themselves as Menoly Mallia and Lola Aivirne.


He easily disarms the duo and knock them out, but orders soldiers not to kill them, as they prove.

A moment later, the new trio enters the battlefield and begins to tear Jagdarmee soldiers, they are Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose and Cyan Sung-Sun!

All three are fighting bravely, but it seems that the Quilge fails every attack when Ichigo and his group run towards the battlefield … Ichigo finally joins them, only to see with horror


Standing over the unconscious and bloody bodies of three beasts.To find out if the trio is dead, read it.As for the rest, we’ll tell you

Everything about Quilge and his power!

Who is Quilge Care?

Quilge Care

She provided one of the coolest fights of the last manga arch.However, Ichigo against


It is definitely in our 5 best fights

A thousand -year blood war

.This is quite an epic fight.The fight between Quilge and Ichigo was a great introduction to Sternriters and the existence and use of Vollständig.And really, Quilge has a fairly amazing ability.

His design is quite cool, and his style for the type of character he is.His Vollständig is a bit strange, but he still looks great.As a complement to its appearance,


, describes himself as an angel kata, and rightly so, because he has a Vollständig named Biskiel (“God’s justice”) and must be considered disturbing or worrying by everyone who meets him.To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

Quilge is unsympathetic as a person, which is a nice feature that can be seen in the villain … There is a kind of villain you want to see the dead.He is military, arrogant, barbaric, and at the same time so carefree.We don’t hate him, but we don’t like him either.To get to know Yhwach’s powers, read it.

Their powers are very well related.We love how his Schrift “prison” is associated with his name Vollständig “God justice” in the sense that the term “justice” is usually associated with the judicial system of punishment of crimes such as prison.This is of course an obvious combination, but it’s nice to see how Kubo combined them so well.Sklaverei Quilge also works in the same way: he tries to imprison Reishi in him and enslave him.

And it is really only an improved version of Quincy’s basic skill, Reishi’s manipulation, but that’s why we think that


And his powers were a great introduction to this thread focusing on Quincy.Taking what we know about Quincys and gently delving into what is new to us now.

Quilge is like a bridge between “old age” and “New age” quincies in history.powers


They are a perfect reflection of his excessively authoritarian personality, which tries to tame and punish the enemy.