Black Adam: Is there a post-nesting scene?

Find out if at the end of Black Adam there is a paga scene in the theater!

Black Adam will appear in cinemas on October 21, 2022 if you want

Find out if at the end of Black Adam there is a post-gathers scene

, read on!After filling almost ten years ago, Dwayne Johnson officially enters Dceu as an icon of DC.

Black Adam.

Although Warner Bros.Initially, Shazama wanted!He appeared in the main role

Black Adam

, The Rock convinced the studio that both characters had their own films before they compete on the big screen.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra,

Black Adam

He focuses on the sinister history of the origin of Teth-Adama, a slave from Kahndaq, who receives divine powers, thanks to which he is one of the most powerful beings on Earth.While

Black Adam

He will be busy fighting the villain Sabbac and the Intergang criminal organization, the antihero will also have to deal with Justice Society of America.To find out if Black Adam is a bad or good guy, read it.

The version of the DCEU of the famous Golden Age band, which traditionally precedes the Justice League, will contain atom Smasher, Cyclone, Hawkman and Doctor Fate, who will attack

Black Adam

when he starts havoc in modern times.But then

Is there a post-nesting scene at the end of Black Adam?

We tell you everything.

Is there a progressed stage at the end of Black Adam?

Yes, at the end of Black Adam is a post-gathers scene.

Dwayne Johnson confirmed that

Postgneratic scene of Black Adam

It will be a “change of game”.The Rock admitted that he loves these heroes, but his character has an advantage over them.”Black Adam has all Superman’s powers, but Superman does not kill because he has the Honorary Code and the Ethical Code that we like.But Black Adam will kill you. “To find out when Black Adam will premiere on Netflix, you’ll find them here.

Initiated by Marvel, DC now also places progress scenes at the end of his films to introduce the continuation of the adventures of the title hero or their approaching cinema premiere.To find out at what age you can see Black Adam, read it.

What is happening in Adam’s good stage?


Post-Black Adam Scena

, Henry Cavill will appear as Superman.It seems that Amanda Waller will establish the law about Black Adam, using Superman as a way to deliver a statement.This is a surprise, because the head of Argus was presented as a villain in Peacemaker, but it is not that continuity was always relevant to the studio.

The fact is that the duel of Superman and Black Adam promises to be an incredibly cool moment for fans.We do not know exactly what they are up to, but we know that many of you would like to see the two – and Shazama – go head to the head on the screen.