Black Clover anime Film reveals the title, trailer, cast and dates of world premiere!

The official website of the Anime Black Clover announced that the upcoming franchise film entitled “Black clover: the Sword of the Wizarding King (Black Clover: Mahоtei No Ken)” will debut on Netflix around the world and in Japanese cinemas on March 31, 2023 with a trailer.The official website also revealed graphics and a new cast member.

The manga creator himself, Yuki Tabata, serves as the main film supervisor and the original character designer.The character of Konrad Leto will receive the voice of Toshihiko Seki, a former wizard king.


The story of the original Anime Black Clover focuses on a young boy of Asta, who turns out to be an orphan and grows up with another young orphans named Yuno.While everyone is endowed with magical powers from birth, Asta is in a sense not endowed with such powers and focuses on his physical fitness.

The production of the Black clover film is dealt with by the same team responsible for the production of anime.Ayataka Tanemura (Black Clover) will direct the film, Itsuko Takeda will design characters, and Minako Seki will compose music.

The first in Japan in 2017, the series had a total of 51 episodes, but was continued with the second season in 2018, and then the third season in October 2019. Anime stretched the curtain in its last episode, 170. In March 2021, although the release dateIt seems distant, you can streamly send all 170 episodes in SUB and DUB to Crunchyroll.

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