Black clover: Captain Yami has just pulled Itachi Uchiha

Posted on October 16, 2022

The latest chapter of Black clover has been officially removed, and what a chapter!It was a funny chapter based on training, which introduced some interesting new characters.But of course we are not talking about it today.Instead, we have to turn to the elephant in a room ending with a cliff!

But of course, before we do this, here is the main warning about the spoiler for the entire last arch of the black clover.If you don’t want to pamper yourself, I suggest you look into the chapter and come back.You can find official sources to read the manga at the end of the article.

Now, apart from this, let’s get to what has just happened on the earth on the last pages of Black clover, Chapter 341. Captain Yami what did he do!?


On the last pages of Chapter 341 Ichika (sister Yami) reveals that her older brother, a man whom we know as a captain Yami, killed their whole clan!That’s right, in a scene that sounds, as if she came straight from the Naruto Masashi Kishimoto series, the captain of the Yami apparently annihilated all his clan, the style of Itachi.

But let’s go back for a moment and discuss exactly how we came to this shocking turn of events.As we know, because of Lucius, who was now filled with the devil, Lily, Asta is teleported and wounded in the Land of the Sun.The country of origin of Captain Yami, from which he was apparently removed one day.Fortunately, Asta is found by Ryudo Ryuya and Ichika Yami, a friend of the captain from childhood, and get it, his younger sister!

We also find out that Yami is actually the name of the captain, thanks to which his real name, Sukpehiro.This can simply be attributed to the confusion in culture when he came to the kingdom of Clover, but thanks to the information we have now, this may mean more.Thanks to his ability to see everything that is happening at the moment, clairvoyance, the shogun of this country, Ryuya, already knows Asta and how he came here.He heals the boy and even promises to help him train with Ichiki.In this way we got to this kind of confession from Ichica!

Did he really kill his whole clan?

Although it can be hard to believe how little we know about Captain Yami or, how we know him now, Sucpehiro, this man could actually do this act.I mean, he never actually explains how exactly he went to the kingdom of Clover, describing it as simply washed.And why did he never try to come back if he really got lost?Who knows, perhaps he was banished from the country before he finally washed in the kingdom of clover.

If the captain was really lost, would it not make sense that the country of the sun would call him?anyhow?We know that Ryuya sees what is happening in the Kingdom of Clover, hell, even knows that Sukpehiro is alive, so why never try to contact him?

Yuki Tabata used this secret past or a hidden identity more than now in Black Clover, with William, who hosted the rebellious elf Patri and Julius, who shares the body with bad Lucius.It is not exaggerated to think that the captain of Yami may have a dark and terrible past, and even a completely separate personality.Maybe after arriving in the kingdom of clover, he decided to become a new man and atone for his sins, simply passing through the Yami.

Perhaps he did not even do it and was framed or in the real style of Itachi, he had a reason and was actually a hero?!No matter, one thing is certain that disclosure gave us more questions than answers!Questions we can put on will remain unanswered for the next two weeks, because Black Clover is going for a weekly break!Stick to all these questions, because Chapter 342 Black clover will certainly answer some of them with a very needed flashback!

Until then, you can get acquainted with other big messages from the anime manga, such as the upcoming Tokyo Revengers to the end, countdown to your favorite anime and more in the anime Senpai!

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Fans are theory that Yami can be a character of Isekaid, but it turns out that he has even more history!Do you think he really did it?How will Charlotte react to this message when she confessed her love to him?Let us know what you think about the chapter and throw some of your own theories and comments below!