Black Clover Chapter 340 gives the key to defeat Lucius Zagratis

Asta helps Liebe.Photo source: Studio Pierrot

Black clover Chapter 340 has started another important training episode Asta to the last episode of the series, and the last chapter scenes irritate how Asta will discover the key to defeat Lucius Zgratis!

Asta had a terrible last episode of the series so far, suffering a serious defeat with Lucius Zgratis during his first clash with the last villain.When he is on the other side of the earth, Asta does everything in his power to reduce the abyss of power between him and the fatal antagonist.

A new technique for defeating Lucius

Black clover

Chapter 340

It begins shortly after Asta is able to perform Zetten for the first time, because its anti -magical force can be used similarly to ordinary magical power if it is used for this movement.Going a step further, he begins a sparring fight with Ichika, in which he tries to practice using this power with all his strength.

However, standing face to face with someone who has already mastered this move, Asta discovered his hiding.Potential as a powerful strength and willingness to be a better warrior.

Asta improves her new technique from Ichik.Photo source: VIZ Media

He immediately realizes that although the magical skills of those with whom he had previously struggled inspired trust in each of his opponents, they never really avoided any of his movements.Not only does he have to learn to run away from the blows and hit at the right time (which would be his basic strategy against such a magically powerful enemy as Lucius), but he must also use it as best as using the Zetten series at an ideal moment.time.

It is only a matter of learning a new style of fighting before starting with the enemy again, but he only has a limited amount of time.

New trailer of the film Black Clover and former wizard Teaser

The release date of the Black Clover film is March 31, 2023. The Black Clover feature film will be released only on Netflix on the same day it will debut in Japanese cinemas.

The future film, announced in March 2021, will be broadcast on the same day when viewers last saw a new episode of Black clover two years ago.At the same time, Netflix released a tempting trailer of the film.Check the trailer below:

Although the trailer does not provide significant narrative aspects, it shows pure Asty motivation.Along with the trailer, Black Clover revealed that a new character would appear in the future film.Toshihiko Seki, the most famous for the role of Iruki Naruto, will play Conrad Leto, a former wizard king.

The planned production team of the film includes Ayataka Tanemura as a director, Itsuko Takeda as a designer of character and Minako Seki as a composer.

The release date of the Black Clover movie differs from the norm for anime movies.Anime fans can often not enjoy Japanese editions only a few months after their initial release date – for example, they Piece Film: Red was broadcast in Japan on August 6, 2022.However, the western audience will have to wait until November 3, 2022 to see the photo.

Do you believe that Asta will master this new technique in time before the final battle?Let us know what you think about it in the comments!