Black clover chapter 341 spoilers and raw scansYami’s past

This week we will delve into spoilers

Black clover, chapter 341.

The last chapter presents an exciting fight between Ichica and Asta, in which Asta in its full united form definitely crushed by her.Indeed, Ichika used her full potential to knock out Asta.So what will happen now in the next chapter?

The last chapter showed the actual potential


.With the help of Anti-Magic, Yoryoku Ichiki was not really effective, but she still provided her with increased speed, strength and reflexes that crushed Asta.The legend says that Zetten has its name because its creator has published enough yojutsu to smash the sky with one attack.

Here Yojutsu means magic in the country of Hino.Yoryoku Ichiki was not effective against Aś;Despite this, she managed to deal perfectly.

Ryuya also mentioned that Lucius has both the magic of time and soul;It is better not to face him.In the end, Asta realized that even using Devil Union and had no chance with her.And now Asta will train under it to become more powerful.So what will happen next?

Spoilers from chapter 341 Black Clover

Finally, spoilers about chapter 341 Black Clover appeared.The next chapter will reveal something surprising, associated with the past of Yami.So let’s see what it will be.

The next chapter will start with Asta training under the guidance of three more Ryuzen.These

3 Ryzen

They are as powerful as Ichika, and Asta will lose duels with each of them. One of 3 Ryuzen

cute girl,



and the next one

fat guy with a smile

.Then they will reveal more information about Zetten and how Asta can learn it.Fumito Mikuriya will treat Asta after each fight.And all the other Ryuzen will look happy to teach Asta.Asta will notice that everyone is happy to follow Ryuya’s orders.He will also learn that everyone uses Zetten differently, depending on their performance.Then Ichika will come to Asta, and Asta will ask about her age.Has

24 years

And it is only here at the order of Ryuya.Ryuya uses


to govern this country.His law sees every phenomenon occurring in the present.Ichika will tell him that Ryuya saved her in the past and therefore she is guilty of him.In response, Asta shares his memories with Yamim, making Ichika angry.Raw scans of the same.

Czarna koniczyna Rozdział 341

Skanowanie surowe

The release date of chapter 341 Black Clover

Chapter 341 Black Clover will be released this week, i.e.

October 16, 2022

Now, after watching the result of Asta’s fight with Ichica, we will see Asty training under the guidance of other Ryuzen.And the most important thing is

Yami flashback.

Where to read black clover chapter 341

VIZ Media and Mangaplus Shueisha are the best websites to read the latest Black Clover chapters without paying a subscription.If you want to read the whole manga, you need to buy its subscription.

To read Chapter 341 Black Clover as soon as possible, we recommend making TCB scans.We will update this post when we get raw scans and spoilers from the next chapter.Until then, be with us on a regular basis and read the articles below.

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