Black Panther 2: This is a surprising comparison with the godfather!Follow us

The Black Panther, impatiently, promises to be an epic.One of the producers even compared him to the “Godfather” saga!We tell you.

Black Panther 2 promises to choose the finals to phase 4. The success of the first opus, and then the tragic disappearance of Chadwick Boseman raised doubts about the continuation.The first photos published by Marvel show that this new work will pay tribute

T’Challa/chadwick boseman

, while opening very exciting new possibilities.The arrival of Namora and the discovery of the Kingdom of the Talokans promises epic face to face.Wakanda and Talokans are indeed two extremely advanced and powerful “secret” nations.Their confrontation should be in the center of the film.However, we suspect that Marvel also planned something that will surprise viewers except a simple opposition, which is too obvious.

Black Panther 2 will be appointed Wakanda Forever.The title therefore emphasizes the strong identity of the nation of T’Chall and its peers.One of the film producers, Natan Moore, did not hesitate to compare the clashes of nations in Wakanda Forever with the atmosphere

mafia saga godfather

.It’s about clans!”It’s a bit … Godfather … It sounds a bit crazy when we say so, but … it’s a sense of family war,” explains Nathan Moore.”This film shows how Wakanda discovers that it is equal in Talokan from Namor,” he adds.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is bringing new forces!

Black Panther 2 will therefore witness the confrontation of two huge powers, two nations, two cultures and the concept of the world.Of course, it will be interesting to see how everyone perceives their place in relation to other countries that are much less technologically advanced.We already know that


seems to flood


.New paintings from the film prove that appearances are not so unambiguous.The prince of underwater worlds is probably more complex than another villain.Despite this, this new work of black leopard will introduce new points of view to.Phase 5 should only be richer and more exciting!