Bleach: A thousand -year Blood War – 01

「Blood fight」

Reflection about Bleach: Wild Card of the Great Three

Warning, this specific section will be long, so if you want to go straight to the analysis of episode 01, scroll down to “a thousand years of death!”section.

Bleach was a very important series for me.Anime Unleashed could have been the main blockage that interested me again the discovery of anime, but Adult Swim certainly caught me.Bebop, Champloo, FLCL and the popular Shounen, which they caught the name Bleach.I was addicted to the first episode and spent a solid year, doing it to show all my personality.Regardless of whether it is cosplay as heroes, buying all Hot Topic gadgets (I think I gave the Rukii glove to a used item this year), or looking at English voice actors, as if all were members of United from 1992.The United States Olympic men’s basketball team was the only series in the Great Three I went to all-in.

I would like to follow the program, up to the middle of the Huco Mundo arch, where I finally fell and instead I started reading the manga.Unfortunately, I stopped reading about fullbring, but finally I received a refreshment thanks to the game of the Brave Souls application and my deep lust for Unagiya Ikumi.I read about what happened throughout the Tybw Arch, but I admit that in addition to some spoilers, I jumped to the finals to join the same discussion that took place after the end of Naruto.For me, Bleach was a series that could have slipped out a bit, but he also played such a huge role in introducing me to the anime that I can look back at my time with Bleach.

At the same time, it puts me in a difficult situation, because after I dropped it, much more anime appeared.In addition to the other Arrancar and Fullbring arches, there are also arches covering the new captain Amagaia Shunsuke, all physical manifestations of Zanpakuto and the invader army of Gotei 13.

The first anime inheritance and possible cancellation is not a story about a vengeful production company that wants to rewrite anime to clean his hands.This does not even seem to condemn the work of Mangaki Tite Kubo, taking into account that they were relatively faithful and respected his material.It seemed to be a more desperate struggle for stretching as much as they could with the hope that they would be able to catch up with the manga and keep the same fans base that got stuck with them from the very beginning.

Kubo was already stretched to maintain the continuity of the manga, and I can sympathize with the pressure he had to face to calm Shonen Jump and maintain the meaning of Bleach.Especially when fate turned against his manga because he was unable to maintain the quality level that came from earlier parts of the series.

I made an in -depth analysis about Bleach and Kubo reputation in my Burn the Witch Review, but one important conclusion that I would like to pay attention to this review is that the truth is that Kubo’s perseverance is both a gift and a curse.

Although the creative decisions he made with Bleach contributed to his final jump, they were also very inspiring and very funny.For example, as easy as Bleach stigmatizing, I believe that the brilliance of Jujutsu Kaisen comes from how Kubo’s lessons were pulled out to build a neat, supernatural story about urban fantasy.

There is a funny interview in which Mangaka Jjk Gege Akutami made with Tite Kubo, where they both discussed the things they appreciated in their works.Kubo spends most of the interview, being a stupid, loving breast with a guy, whom we all know, love and insult, but with acutes he has many honest reflections about Bleach as a whole.

After sneaking one of the volumes of WSJ, his older brother, to catch the first chapter, helped to awaken his personal interest in manga as a form of art and inspired him to raise his pen.Kubo would then share his own investment in Gegege No Kitaro and Yu Yu Hakusho, which would lead him in the same way on his own path.

He can cause several giggers of the older Otaku, suggesting that a series such as Bleach would gain the same level of influence, but over time it is not a surprise that some of the cooler supernatural characters of the bleach as a gate to be creative.

Everyone laughed at the fact that Gene Simmons’s son followed Bleach’s volumes to his comic in 2009.But since then JJK, Kimetsu no Yaiba and the side of no hero acadekaren led a new generation of powerful Shonen, and each of their mangaks joyfully gave Bleach their roses.To the hell, if I ever found myself in a situation where I give an interview about my inspiration and interests, I would probably say about Bleach in the same light.

With all this in mind, it is not a surprise that the reaction to this Bleach’s return is less “good God, this shit again!?”And more “damn bright, I never thought I would be here!”The statement that the reaction to the new season was explosive would be an understatement.Re -hearing “number 1” and seeing Ichigo in action with a new, expressive animation is a sensation that I did not expect again, unless I again watched the first episode in all its glory from 2004/2006.

I know that I dragged this section a bit, but it would be unreal to talk about this new version of Bleach without explaining why it is massive enough to see how it develops.Can he potentially build in the direction of continuation?Can he build a bridge for Burn The Witch to carry a torch for Shonen?Without further farewell, let’s see where Bleach left us.

A thousand years of death!

I wasn’t sure if they tried to make a full summary of the first episode of the Arch of a Millennium Blood War, but what they managed to achieve, jumping straight to action, is a much better choice.This helps that the beginning of this arch makes the transition quite easy and I quickly understood what everyone was doing.

The use of the Ryunosuke task as the introduction of Ichigo and his friends from the city of Karakura is a great start platform to see how great it is to save them by Ichigo.However, this is a bit sad, because it can be the nearest moment when Orihime and Chad can shine.When I played a terrible Wii Shatted Blade game, I tried to master some of the more dim, underrated characters, such as Orihime and Hanatarou.It was my way to be in the style of “Hey, these guys can also be amazing!”, But this does not end with the fact that the story is appreciated because they often occupy the rear seat for cooler souls in the series.

But you can’t underestimate how cool it was to see how much love and comments this adaptation gained on the basis of the quality of its production.Modern aesthetics, which must conquer the action of shiny graphics, provides quite amazing graphics, especially thanks to how its colors work with the more shiny appearance of the series.You know that anime is a brilliant medium, because he manages to create magic from the air, giving Bleach great backgrounds with all night shots of the city of Karakura.And the remix for “number one” played during a great fight at the beginning is a kiss of the chef.

The world of Eberna

This is an excellent introduction to Ichigo, but also hits like a truck when it jumps straight to the main catalyst of the plot of the last season.As soon as Ebern falls into Ichigo’s room, the story jumps straight to Yhwach, commanding the Quincy army, to move the war to Soul Society.Even half of the episode passed before it becomes clear that the Soul Reaper will not see the day of the room before.

I am also not excited enough how they fought Ichigo with Eberne.The statement between the declaration of Quincy Yamamoto’s war and Ichigo’s fight with Eberne is thematically sick.Seeing how Sasaki uses the last breath to warn Yamamoto about the possibilities of the theft of Bankai, when Ebern drools on Ichigo, slowly building crazy tension in Bankai.It’s really a challenge to see if Ichigo has to fight without his skills, or if he could go through it.

Even despite how intense the first episode was, I managed to bring me a few smiles, keeping the tons of lighter moments.I laughed at what happened in Ichigo’s room, from all his friends mocking Ichigo for underestimating his love for Bread Orihime, to insulting Eberna that Ichigo literally threw him out of the room.Even Ryuunosuke is quite funny, considering that Yamashita Daiki moves his deck performance to Bleach.This may seem outdated, but Shino separating Ryuunosuke warmly reminded me of the comedy of old Bleach, who often based on arguing subordinates.

But I like all the questions that this new episode poses about the world of the bleach anime.For example, why Quincy would have bone masks similar to what Arrancary wear, or what quincy invasion would mean for Soul Society.They have already applied the death clock on Seireitei, declaring that the soul reapers have five days to prepare until Wandenreich blows everything up.What does this mean for Ichigo, it will also be interesting, considering that he tried to live his own life outside Soul Society at that time.In addition to what it would mean for Uryuu, considering that his own Quincy heritage will have to pull him into Yhwach’s plans.It is great to approach Bleach’s return with an enthusiastic disposition and I hope that this feeling will stay with me when I delve into the series.

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