Bleach: A thousand -year Blood War – 02

OP sequence

OP: Scar 」by Kitani Tatsuya

「Foundation stones」

Episode 02 from the latest Bleach throws Ichigo at the head of the counterattack against the brutal genocide of Quincy on the holouns of Huco Mundo and Arrancary.But when Kurosaki aims to intervene and help in the fight against all active forces aimed at exterminating his former enemies, Uryuu is not able to commit to joining ichigo during his journey.

They are Ludaas

The tonal change in this curve is fascinating because of how surreal it is to observe how the bleach ventures into a more harsh territory.We started with a slaughter throughout Soul Society, and now we are watching how Arrancary are set in a queue for brutal execution by the letter J crew Sternritter, Quilge Care.It was also impressive to see the cut in which they synchronized the funeral pile in Soul Society, and Yuzu turned on the burner to get a film effect.

However, my curiosity caught the dynamics that Ichigo and Uryuu can potentially have in this arch.Ichigo easily feels the lack of interest in Uryuu with the protection of hollows and Arrancars, especially as quincy.But the awareness that current people causing mass slaughter in Soul Society and Huco Mundo are part of the Quincy army, makes Uryuu join her.

It seems that it is difficult for him to internalize that another quincy would be in a direct conflict with people with whom Ichigo allied, even if Ichigo tries to help him feel less conflicted in terms of distance from the current goal of Ichigo.At the same time, he looked quite shocked when Ebern arrived for someone who wasn’t ichigo.I imagine that in the mind of Uryuu there is enough to feel even more concerned about whether he can remain side by side from Ichigo, or whether he will have to think about what would happen if he was pulled aside by quincy to to them.

I have a part of Harribel

This is a brutal reminder of the rates that have been raised since the time has passed, especially when we finish visiting some of our older characters again.Unfortunately, many Arrancars, whom we met as antagonists, are in serious trouble.

For the more beloved Arrancar, Tres Bestias consisting of Apaches, Sun-Sun and the wonderful Mile Rose are not able to overcome care.Similarly, the favorite of Orihime, Loli and Menolas were attacked by care and inventively spaled, because it would upset their huge group of fans if they were deleted for good.

Now, if you want true injustice, they capture Harribel and imprisoned it in a compromising position, like Saber in Unlimited Blade Works.Even worse, they bring Nell, Pesche and Dondachakka.These three were one of the main motivators behind me when I fell from the Bleach watch and began to read further to escape the voices.I understand what Tim Curry had to feel when he read that scrappa would appear in Scooby Doo.I can tolerate Nell in doses, but I can’t do pesche and dondachaks.

Dondachakka was captured because Pesche was too dirty a coward to save him, which makes sense, because he sucks just like his friend.I don’t think I can be reasonable if Pesche and Dondachakka are important elements in this arch.It is impressive, as soon as shouting and screaming at each other and making this preferred method of communication, they manage to be worse than some of the more annoying figures of Bleach.There are vile villains from anime who did terrible things that I would forgive more than a cacophony that came from these two monsters in the history of Huco Mundo.

In a more friendly tone, it adds to the gloomy atmosphere in which we see many returning characters in a terrible state, because they were brought to be defeated by a newer group of antagonists.I remember that in the case of Bleach, it often happens that the provinces path presents new villains, telling them to wipe the floor with cast members who have easy time to work for the crowd.But in the face of a raging blood war, I would expect to see more extreme examples of characters who spend their great return, being beaten for a pulp.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「最果て」 (Saihate) autorstwa SennaRin