Bleach: A thousand -year Blood War – 03

「You have the Cross of the Stars

“Oh, quincy.They are a rare breed.I haven’t seen the concert live for many years.However, I’m sorry, but I finished studying your genre.I am absolutely not interested in you. ”

– Kurotsuchi Mayuri (2004)

Endless Kluny car

This is the secret of the polyszynela that Soul Society is run by buffers.Bureaucracy is regularly undermined because everyone wants to play all these power games to oppose everyone.As for the balance of souls, everyone has their own share in impractical methods of short -term profits that undermine the long -term balance.

Is this the latest disclosure of what happens when Soul Reaper becomes powerful after death, or the current anime reveals that they have carried out quincies genocide to prevent cleaning of more empty souls, there is no iron plan in each of their situationemergency.I suppose that the disclosure of Aizen was sufficient proof that they were not prepared to deal with nothing more than traveling intruders, given that the dishonest captain was able to cheat the justice system in his favor before he threw the two.Or about the fact that poverty exists in afterlife.

Conducting genocide as part of the Quincy extermination operations is just one of the many mishaps their captains committed.Mayuri seems to be the most enthusiastic in all this, considering, as he admitted that he did not obtain permission to kill 28,000 Rukongai citizens, because it would mean that he would have to take responsibility for it.He treats organizing mass murders as if it was a great fun in the workplace, that he must hide behind his colleagues from work to evade responsibility.The fact that he masturbated during the fight with Uryuu about his love of experimenting and murdering Quincies, including grandfather Uryuu, Soukey, did not help.

It all ends in fun when Uryuu can’t suppress anger when he learns what really happened to Quincies.And because his father hides it from him to move him away from the difficult situation of the other quincies or the impending threat of an inevitable war, there is no way that Uryuu is not involved in this battle.At this point, Uryuu would get tangled in the ongoing invasion of Soul Society just because he never received real answers about what happened to other quincies.

Invasion, remember that our best captains can only stare, as if they did not realize that they had to come up with some recipes to protect the barrier against the possible creation of Quincy.The fact that the Quincy extermination surgery could be easily justified for the rest of Soul Society and quickly swept under the rug, indicates that they were careless enough to behave as if their sins were not turning back.

You had restia, now try the beast

From other messages, the fight between care and ichigothany is still ongoing, but not without a few additional reservations.We mainly learn about some techniques that quincies have in their toolbar.It was very useful to get to know Letz Stile and how the last chance court offers them when they are in a difficult situation.These were the details that were gently taken in some fights of Uryuu, but the Tybw Arch was a good opportunity to offer more knowledge about how quincy powers work, except for the possibility of total extermination of the hollow.

When it comes to fighting care, only time will show how it ends.In this episode, Tres Bestias wakes up to help in the fight against care, only to strategically withdraw again when Apache receives a rough wound.I liked the remix “On the Precipice of Defeat”, which happened when Ichigo and Care crossed the swords.It makes me wait until I finally see any of the new, updated songs on the soundtrack.I also laughed when Ichigo threw Nell to Orihime like football because of how his second nature was that he just catches her through the desert, instead of telling her to run to his friends.

With the growing stake for both Soul Society and Ichigo, I am a cautious optimist about Wandenreich’s combat abilities.Care itself is a solid antagonist of the first phase with his elegant, dangerous appearance and unique abilities.His relatively calm attitude, when he is satisfied, seeing that Ichigo is terrified of how terrifying he is, he is very effective in creating a funny figure of a villain, who throws respect on the curb, not yet doing cartoon crazy.I predict how this fight will go, as well as some more crazy matches that will develop in Soul Society.