Bleach: A thousand -year blood war at the top of the autumn anime ranking 2022 in the third week

The results of the third week of the autumn 2022 anime ranking are now outdated, and Bleach: Thrite-Weear Blood War overtook Chainsaw Man and took first place (seems to be number one!) After its 2nd episode.We saw the first Sternirtters power show from Quilge Care, and 10.10% of the votes won the anime, in which 15,203 people took part.Denji’s life as devil hunters brought him 8.38%, while Twice and Hawks came to my hero acadekaren in the 6th season of 7.46% of the votes.Below the top 10 graphics:

10 best anime week 3 |Autumn 2022 – Bleach: A thousand -year blood war ranks first place

The production is responsible for the Pierrot studio, which previously produced the original television adaptation of the Bleach Tite Kubo anime, which was broadcast between October 2004 and March 2012 in total 366 episodes.

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He licensed him in English and describes the story of Bleach: Thousand-Weear Blood War:

The room is suddenly interrupted when warning sirens are heard in Soul Society.Residents disappear without a trace and no one knows who is behind it, while the dark shade also extends towards Ichigo and his friends in Karakur …

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