Bleach: a thousand -year blood war, episode 3 – fast pace and additional scenes

I never thought in my life that I would say that Bleach is moving quickly.If you followed the last few reviews, you know that episodes 1 and 2 Bleach 2022 covered five and four manga chapters, respectively.This week he exceeded them both and covered six chapters.What’s more, there were six chapters full of new information, explosive actions and extremely important interactions between the main characters of the series.BLEACH 2022 is consistently shown as a more efficient, concentrated version of the original anime and manga source material.The plot and order of events are constantly improved to better adapt to visual progress.At all times, small details that could occupy many manga panels are skillfully reduced to a few moments or, when they add little to the essence of the scene, completely removed.

This episode contained an updated version of the classic Bleach song over the abyss of failure.This is the first song on the first original anime soundtrack.In the Bleach version 2022, the original melody is the core of the song, while the guitar drums and riffs overlap.I think that this friend, but fresh sound is an ideal analogy for how you feel watching this for a long time optimized version of Bleach for someone who both watched the original anime and read the manga week by week.

However, changes may raise some concerns.Episode 3 Bleach 2022 also added a significant number of new scenes.These scenes were almost entirely dialogues and served to build a larger narrative and tradition of stories.Personally, I think that adding these scenes will be good in the long run if it is done correctly.I will discuss this and more in this review, although unfortunately not everything in the episode, considering how many content we got from it.SPOILERS go beyond this point.

Fantastic second battle for Ichigo

First of all, watching Ichigo’s fight was amazing.Once again, Bleach 2022 showed great attention to lighting.I think this is extremely important this season, taking into account the nature of Quincy’s fight.Unlike previous seasons, in which the focus was focused on melee tools, and the outbreaks of spiritual energy were somewhat secondary, the fight with Quincy is a constant influx of instant energy and quick attacks.This is the second time Ichigo fought in Bleach 2022 (cavities do not count; it was not a fight involving stomping on the curb) and once again the fight showed a great increase in his original time in Huco Mundo.

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Ichigo is much more prudent than he is the last time – looking at his opponents from getting involved and thinking about their skills in the middle of a fight.He decides to catch Heilig Pfeil (from now on I am talking only about arrows) to assess their strength and try to demoralize the opponent.He is incredibly similar to the way Arrancar Ulquiorra Cife was first met Ichigo in the Huco Mundo arch.Ichigo decides not to use his banky right away, undoubtedly worried about the skill of theft, and we stare at the considerations he takes in the middle of the fight.

I saw on the internet to think that the quality of the animation of this fight was lower than in previous episodes.Personally, I think this is not the case, and if so, I think it is not worth thinking about it.The opening episodes are always to be sensational, especially when they premiere in the media and happy fans, such as Bleach 2022.

Additional scenes and threats

The middle part of the episode was the biggest surprise for me, above all because I have never seen its content before.The scenes in which Uryu searches family archives were completely new in the anime.In the sense of meta, this means that Bleach 2022 has (at least seeds) its own continuity outside the manga.This is not completely unexpected, considering how many Bleach manga had to be hurried to finish.At least in the context of this episode, I think this add -on was positive, for several reasons.

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This episode took place at a pace with a process, which shows a clear desire to pass faster through some elements of history.We already know how long this arch will be (4 courses) and what the frequency of each section into the chapter will be.To maintain this surprisingly fast pace, Bleach 2022 will have to add additional scenes somewhere.However, the difference between this and the content of the filler is that it actually emphasized the story.Anime Bleach 2022, unlike the manga, in this episode drew the attention of the audience to the origin of Quincy.We begin to see how Uryu questions his heritage, Quincy Quilge Care (who fought Ichigo) speaks directly about the archaic nature of Ishida family techniques, and members of Soul Society are thinking about the morality of the war against Quincy.This adds an additional layer to the existing element, instead of adding an additional element, as the previous filler did.

This type of move is related to the obvious risk – adding too much amount in the wrong places can strain the history, and the addition of wrong things will generally make you feel like the original anime filler.But if Bleach 2022 maintains the adding pattern that he maintained here, I think the add -ons will be significant.

Let’s look to the future

This week we saw many fantastic battles and several important conversations in Soul Society, including a clear centuries -old frustration from many older soul reapers.Bleach was also not ashamed of showing the total dominance of returning cast members from Quincy’s hands.Bleach 2022 paints a scene of absolute desperation and does it in a much more brutal and instinctive way than any previous part.Earlier, villains, such as Aizen, felt that their journey could not be stopped.Quincy feel that their journey will crush everything on their way before it ends.And I’m looking forward to the rest.

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