Bleach a thousand -year blood war: who is Yhwach?Father Quincy!

Find out who Father Quincy Yhwach is in Bleach a thousand -year blood war!Powers etc.

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read on!There is something in the Bleach series that drives us crazy in relation to antagonists and heroes.Yhwach is one of those antagonists who will make you wonder if he has chosen the right page.

Yhwach, the son of the soul king, is the Emperor of Wandenreich, and his designation is “a» – “Almighty”.His subordinates call him the father of Quincy.There are facts about Yhwach that will surprise us.Like the fact that his blood gave rise to the entire Quincy clan.To learn everything about Wandenreich, go here.

We all know the dispute between Quincy and Reapers of Souls, but this dispute lasts thousands of years before the current history of history.Although Yhwach lost to Captain Yamamoto a thousand years ago, he returns with the intention of sowing havoc at Soul Society.

Who is Yhwach?

Who is Yhwach?

King Quincy Yhwach is the main antagonist of the arch

A thousand -year blood war


He is the greatest threat to the lasting existence of Soul Society, and in the past he was able to face the captain of Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto with all his strength and survive to tell the story.

When I was a child,


He could not see, hear, smell or move, but people around him still worshiped him as God.Indeed, those who touched Yhwach received a fragment of his soul and were healed from all his wounds and impurities in exchange for a shorter life.

These shards were enriched with the experience of their recipients, and when they died, they returned to Yhwach and strengthened him, allowing him to regain lost senses and mobility.As an adult Yhwach, it strengthens this ability, cutting out a letter or Schrift in each of the shards and telling the recipient to drink blood from it.When the fragment will be returned


He also receives Schrift, even more increasing his power and skill arsenal.

Yhwach’s distribution ability is the exact opposite of other quincy, because instead of sucking Reishi from the surroundings,


He distracts his spirit among the people around him.Although this distribution process and re -absorption must be repeated to support themselves, YHWACH can, if necessary, forcibly cancel your dispersed soul using Auswählen technique.To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

Auswählen sees how the Yhwach recalls a pole of light, which completely destroys Quincy in contact, and his energy and abilities are redistributed to other quincy or Yhwach himself.These unique abilities mean that the status of Yhwach as the father of Quincy is undisputed, because even the most powerful quincy abilities are born from him and thus belong to him.