Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 – release date: Tite Kubo promised to update the manga sequel in 2022

Biller: Burning Season 2 Witch will be a continuation of the story of Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole in Reverse London.Photo: Tite Kubo

Tite Kubo Burn the Witch “Season 2” was officially announced by Weekly Shonen Jump.The creator intends to continue telling the manga in the sequel Bleach: Burn the Witch.

In the case of manga, the release date of the second season of Burn The Witch was initially defined as “soon” in the advertisement.But in


Published in mid -November 2020, Kubo explained that “soon” he was not really fast and joked that “soon” was written without his consent.Therefore, he asked his fans to be patient.

At the beginning of January 2022, Kubo sent an e-mail to the members of his fan club Outside.E-mail was above all the New Year’s news, but he also promised that new information about Burn: Burn the Witch Season 2 would be available in 2022.

Well, the clock is ticking and from the end of October 2022, this information was not published.Neither fans received new chapters in Arc Bleach Hell, despite the fact that Howl from the Jaws of Hell was also promised.

Unfortunately, Kubo made it clear that he would not hurry with drawing new whiten chapters.In autumn 2021 Kubo was asked by a fan when he intends to continue the manga Bleach Hell Arc.Supposedly


: “I’m not good at drawing when they make me draw, so I will think about it when they don’t make me.”

So … it probably means that fans should not harass him about drawing Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2?

Note: This story will be updated after the release date of the 2nd season of Manga Burn The Witch.

But the real question is whether the anime Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 will also be highlighted green for production in addition to the Bleach Season 17: Thakeand-Year Blood War.

The history of the first season of Manga Burn The Witch ended at Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 41, 2020. VIZ Media digitally published the official English translation of Burn the Witch manga.

Here is a summary of the manga/anime history:

“Historically, 72% of all deaths in London are related to dragons, fantastic beings invisible to the majority of folk.Although most do not know that some people oppose these dragons.

“Only the inhabitants of the inverted London, who live in the hidden” inverted “side of London, see dragons.Even then, only a few are qualified as witches or wizards to make direct contact with them.

The protagonists of this story are the witch, the duo Noihashi and Ninny Spangcole.They are Wing Bind protection agents (WB), an organization dealing with dragon protection and management.Their mission is to protect and manage dragons in London on behalf of people. ”

The first season will be published as a one -volume book containing an exclusive illustration, a PINUP poster, and an original one -time manga.Volume 1 was published in Japan on October 2, 2020, which is the same day on which the adaptation of the anime Bleach: Burn the Witch premiered in Japanese cinemas.

Manga Bleach: Burn the Witch 2 season.Source of the photo: Tite Kubo/Weekly Shonen Jump was updated on October 24, 2022: The latest information was added;The promise of updating until 2022.Updated on November 13, 2020: Tite Kubo explains the release date of the second season of Burn The Witch.

This article contains everything that is known about Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 and all related messages.Therefore, this article will be updated over time about messages, rumors and analysis.Meanwhile, let’s look at what is certain.

Bleach: Streaming Burn the Witch on Crunchroll, Amazon Prime Video

On October 2, 2020, the anime Burn the Witch was streaming in Japan at Amazon Prime Video.The streaming version will be divided into three episodes.

Crunchyroll was broadcast around the world: Burn the Witch in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa.The anime streaming service officially announced that the release date of Crunchroll Burn the Witch was set for October 1, 2020.

Burn the Witch comes from the creator of Bleach, who will go to Crunchyroll on October 1!✨

🐉 More:

– Crunchyroll 🎉 #animeawards!(@Crunchyroll)

September 18, 2020

Anime was animated by the Yamahitsuji Colorido Studio Team, which is best known for the production of Pokemon: Twilight Wings.The studio is a subsidiary of Twin Engine, which has license rights to anime for big names, such as the anime Dororo and the anime Vinland Saga (see our article Anime Vinland Saga Season 2).

The director was Tatsuro Kawano Animation director for Psycho-Mass 2, and Yuji Shimizu is an assistant to the director.The writer Chika Suzumura gives scenarios.Artist Natsuki Yamada is a designer of the character, and the artist Keisuke Okur is a dragon designer.Composer Keiji Inai (Danmachi season 3: Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in dungeons?) Creates music.

The release date of Burn the Witch Blu-ray

The Bleach: Burn the Witch, Blu-ray/DVD release date is also designated on October 2, 2020.

Anime titles of the anime Burn the Witch:

Episode 1: Witches Blow a New Pipe Episode 2 Ghillie Suit / She Makes Me Special Episode 3: If the lion could speak, we couldn’t understand

It is noteworthy that the cinema version is 61 minutes, while

Collector’s version of Blu-ray discs

It is replaced with a total length of 63 minutes.

Bleach: Record the release date of the second season Witch: Probably anime?

As at the day of the last update, Studio Colorido, Weekly Shonen Jump or any company related to the production of anime did not officially confirm Bleach: Burn the Witch Data Premiere of the season 2. Although the continuation of the manga was announced, the production of the continuation of the anime has not yet been announced.

After the official confirmation of the message, this article will be updated about the relevant information.

In the meantime, you can speculate when and whether in the future the release of the second season of Burn The Witch will take place.

The implementation time does not necessarily have to be very long, assuming that the anime studio production schedule has been planned well in advance.Kubo first released Burn the Witch manga as a one -time chapter in July 2018, but then in the serial version it was published as four chapters from August to September 2020.

That is why it is possible that the anime Burn the Date of the second season of Witch can coincide with the last chapter of the second season of the manga in a similar way.Stay updated!