Bleach: Episode of the 2,000 -year Blood War – a bit slow;Still Solid

The Bleach episode this week, like the previous one, still seemed surreal. This means that the anime has returned for good and that we are coming back to the known scheme of weekly episodes ensuring periodic content of content. The episode from this week, like the previous one, included several chapters of the manga (4 this week compared to 5 last week) and maintained a fairly constant pace of individual chapters. However, I imagine that Bleach will have a little less noise this week. This is because, unlike many second episodes of many other Shonen/Action anime this season, episode 2 Bleach 2022 focused mainly on determining the context and determining more information about the enemy. These types of episodes can worry about fans who remember the era of slow episodes without much intention, but this week is completely different. Instead of long routes of meandering dialogues that seem to shape, Bleach this week presented the episode that restored the important elements of the world of Bleach and provided more glances to old animated characters in the new style from 2022.

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Later in the article, the plot points will be discussed from episode 2 Bleach 2022. Read more with this, and make sure you check the episode first if you don’t want to be broken.

Return to Huco Mundo

Episode 2 Bleach began with the return of some Arrancar, which we did not see from the history of Huuco Mundo, the third to the last canonical episode of the original of Bleach anime.Nell (in her funny children’s form) and pesche (ordinary hip bodies) inform Ichigo and Friends about the invasion of Huco Mundo.At the same time, we get insight into a mysterious army that took Arrancar hostages in a strange dimension outside Soul Society, Huco Mundo and the world of the living.This is quite an interesting way to start this new arch.First of all, earlier trips to Huco Mundo consisted only in the fight against Arrancars and working on the final defeat of Aizen.Secondly, in my opinion, more important, the level of main power of the character creates an interesting atmosphere for all the fights that we have seen so far.

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In the first episode of Bleach 2022 we have already seen that Ichigo, Uryu, Chad and Orihime are more than able to deal with large hollow gangs.The same depressions cannot be easily occupied by soul reaper pairs.What’s more, the empty invasion, which was dealt with in a few minutes, would now take the group the whole episode earlier.Similarly, Ichigo’s fight in the last episode and his entrance to Huuco Mundo are now with his version, which is absurdly more powerful than any previous iteration;His friends are not afraid of his security, and he is sure enough his skills to focus more on gathering information than on being alive.At all times, the army (now revealed as Quincy) has a clear great influence on Soul Society and the world of the living, but (so far) mainly in a way detached from the main cast.

I think that this double development of history works well in scaling the strength of many groups at the same time.It shows us the difference between old and new forms of old characters, while showing various elements of the enemy army.His subordinates are strong enough to cause problems, but not enough to defeat the main characters, his front lines can easily throw a kebab on a lieutenant and destroy the entire unit, and their leader can deal with members of these front lines without effort.

Existential threat in Bleach 2022

The disclosure and confirmation of the enemy’s army as Quincy is very interesting.Until now, we have seen how the enemy uses all kinds of weapons outside the arches, something unusual for Quincy, and there are many.In addition, quincy are a shapely aspect of different powers in the Bleach tradition.Unlike the Soul Reapers who cleanse the empty spaces and allow their souls to move in the revival cycle, Quincy completely diveled empty spaces from existence.This is an interesting change in Bleach fights;For the first time, the main antagonists disturb the original forces to such an extent.

This episode was undoubtedly slow, but I think that he significantly laid an additional foundation for the arch.He also adapted manga chapters at a similar pace as last week.For me, although this episode probably lacked the WOW effect and new premieres, he fulfilled its task.In this sense I would say that it was a solid continuation of last week and a good continuation of Bleach 2022.

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