Bleach: height, age and birthday of the main characters

Tite Kubo’s Bleach is definitely a manga that defined the whole generation;The anime series, which adapted the manga, did the same and that is why the fans were so shocked when Bleach suddenly ended ten years ago.But Bleach finally returns with the last arch and in this article we honor the heritage of this wonderful series.Bleach is one of the “Great Three” anime series, next to One Piece and Naruto, and in this article we decided to talk about amazing characters in this series.

What do we intend to tell you is the list of Bleach’s most important characters with their height, age and birthday.The data we will use relate to the canonical data we have, and refer to 2003, in the universe, where it is used, i.e. when the main thread ended (we did not want to take into account data from the working entitled “Hell Arch”).Before we approach each character individually, here is a short overview:





Ichigo Kurosaki181 cm (5’11¼”) 17 lipca Orihime Inoue 157 cm (5 stóp 2 cale) 17 3 września Uryū Ishida 177 cm (5 stóp 9 ”) 17 6 ​​listopada Yasutora Sado 197 cm (6’5½”) 18 7 kwietnia Kon3 cm (1″) (tabletka)

27 cm (10½”) (wypchane zwierzę)Nieznane30grudnia  Rukia Kuchiki144 cm (4’8¾”)Nieznane14 stycznia Renji Abarai188 cm (6’2″)Nieznane31 sierpnia Keigo Asano172 cm (5’7¾”) 171 kwietnia Tatsuki Arisawa155 cm (5’1″)1717 lipca Mizuiro Kojima154 cm (5’0½”) 1723 maja Chizuru Honshō163 cm (5’4″)16Nieznany Don Kanonji185 cm (6’1″)Nieznany23 marca Karin Kurosaki136 cm (4’5½”) 136 maja Yuzu Kurosaki137 cm (4’6 cali)136 maja Isshin Kurosaki186 cm (6’1″)Nieznany 10 grudnia Masaki KurosakiNieznanyNieznany 9 czerwca Ururu Tsumugiya141 cm (4’7½”)Nieznany 9 września Jinta Hanakari126 cm „1½”) Nieznane 4 kwietnia Kūgo Ginjō187 cm (6’1½”) Nieznane 15 listopada Shūkurō Tsukishima 198 cm (6’6″)Nieznany4 lutego Riruka Dokugamine156 cm (5’1½”)Nieznany14 kwietnia Yukio Hans Vorarlberna154 cm (5’0½”)Nieznany23grudnia Kazui KurosakiNieznanyNieznanyNieznanyIchika AbaraiNieznanyNieznanyNieznanyNieznany „6½”) Nieznana 19 września Momo Hinamori151 cm (4’11½”) Nieznana 3 czerwca Shūhei Hisagi 181 cm (5’11½”) Nieznana 14 sierpnia Tōshirō Hitsugaya133 cm (4’4½”) Nieznana 20 grudnia Gin Ichimaru185 cm (6’1″) Nieznana 10 września Izuru Kira173 cm (5’8″)Nieznany27 marca Sajin Komamura288 cm (9’5½”)Nieznany23 sierpnia Byakuya Kuchiki180 cm (5’11”)Nieznany31 stycznia Majuri Kurotsuchi174 cm (5’8½”)Nieznany30 marca

Nemu Kurotsuchi167 cm (5’6″)Nieznane30 marca Shunsui Kyōraku192 cm (6’3½”)Nieznane11 lipca Ikkaku Madarame182 cm (5’11¾”)Nieznane 9 listopada Rangiku Matsumoto172 cm (5’7½”)Nieznane 29 września Chōjirō Sasakibe179 cm „10½”) Nieznane 4 listopada Yoruichi Shihōin 156 cm (5’1½”) Nieznane 1 stycznia Soi Fon 150 cm (4’11”) Nieznane 11 lutego Jūshirō Uki wziąć187 cm (6’1½”) Nieznane21 grudnia Kisuke Urahara183 cm (6’0″)Nieznane31 grudnia Retsu Unohana159 cm (5’2½”)Nieznane21 kwietnia Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto168 cm (5’6″)2100+21 stycznia Kenpachi Zaraki202 cm ( 6’7½”) Nieznana 18 listopada Shinji Hirako 176 cm (5’9½”) Nieznana 10 maja Kensei Muguruma 179 cm (5’10½”) Nieznana 30 lipca Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi187 cm (6’1½”) Nieznana 17 marca Lisa Yadōmaru162 cm (5’4″) NieznanaFe 3 Kaname Tōsen176 cm (5’9½”) Nieznana 13 listopada Ulquiorra Cifer169 cm (5’6½”) Nieznana 1 grudnia Asguiaro Ebern 181 cm (5’11½”) Nieznana 18 czerwca Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez186 cm (6’1″)Nieznana 31 lipca (6’1″) Szayelaporro Granz185 cm „1″)Nieznany22 czerwca Poziom Harribel175 cm (5’9″)Nieznany25 lipca Baraggan Louisenbairn166 cm (5’5½”)Nieznany9 lutego Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck176 cm (5’9¼”) (postać dorosła)Nieznany24 kwietnia Coyote Starrk187 cm (6’1½”) Nieznany19 stycznia Yhwach200 cm (6′7″)1 200+Nieznany Ryūken Ishida178 cm (5’10”) Nieznany14 marca Sōken Ishida160 cm (5’3″)Nieznany22 marca Jugram Haschwalth189 cm (6’3″)1000+ 5 listopada Askin Nakk Le Vaar187 cm (6’1½”) Nieznane 6 czerwca Nödt179 cm (5’10½”) Nieznane 29 Grudnia Opieka 178 cm (5’10”) Nieznane 1 września

The table of contents shows

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a hero of history.Ichigo is a high school student who can interact with ghosts.Later he was forced to unintentionally becoming a substitute shinigami, because he absorbed most of the power of other shinigami named Rukia.When the Manga series was created, Kubo commented that Rukia Kuchiki was the first character he came up with, but not to be the heroine of the work, so he designed Ichigo to play this role.

Orihime Inoue

She is an orphan and was raised by her older brother, Sora.However, Sora died in a car accident, leaving her completely alone.Initially, she lacked spiritual power, but during the series she developed her spiritual awareness, thus obtaining strange powers capable of violating God’s plans and rejecting all phenomena that change time and space.

Uryū Ishida

Uryū Ishida is quincy, derived from the line of empty hunters.At the beginning of the series he had some competition with other main characters, because he had a deep injury to all Shinigami, including Ichigo, but as the story developed friends.However, even being a friend of Ichigo, he can’t stop competing with him.

Yasutora Sado

Chad, whose real name is Yasutora Sado, is one of Ichigo’s best friends at school.Despite the impressive appearance, he is very meek, he refuses to fight, unless it is for the good of others.Chad did not see the cavities, but this changed when a group of children was attacked by one.At that time, he discovered a unique skill, which was armor strengthening his right hand.Later, he developed the ability to fire energy over his shoulder, and also discovered that his left hand has a powerful offensive ability.


Kon is my own fashion soul of Ichigo Kurosaki at the beginning of the series.He is a modified soul that is to live in Ichigo’s body during his mission, which allows him to hunt Hollow as shinigami and go to school/at home as a man.When Ichigo is not in his Shinigami form, the horse lives in the body of a stuffed lion.

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is the initiator of the story that revolves around the series and co-star during the first two threads.Rukia is Shinigami, which was sent to Karakura to eliminate all the hollows there.Although her physical appearance resembles a teenager, in fact she is ten times older than Ichigo.

At the beginning of the history of Rukia, she was forced to transfer her powers to Ichigo and thus adopted a temporary lifestyle as a normal man to teach her how to use her Shinigami power until he regains his powers and her world.Kubo commented that Rukia was the first character created in the series and decided to use her project to create the second Shinigami at work.

Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai is Shinigami in the rank of Deputy Commander of the Division 6. Although he initially fulfills his duties and appears as a deadly enemy in the fight for Rukia, his conscience is becoming more and more worried, because he is friends with Rukia from the beginning of his career.He is very brave, but he has great respect for the skills of his superior Byakuya, who is determined to surpass.In addition, he does not always agree with his actions, which are strictly based on traditional principles.In Renji’s fight he always uses his Zanpakuto kimaru.

Keigo Asano

Keigo Asano is a student of the Karakura high school and a friend from class Ichigo Kurosaki.Keigo is mostly a very silly and hyperactive teenager who likes to use too dramatic words and movements to express his feelings.He also loves fireworks, video games and beach parties.Although it is more or less just a clown at the beginning of the series, in the further part it becomes a bit more important.The Asano family consists of Keigo, his father, mother and sister Mizuho Asano.Like Tatsuki, Keigo lives with both parents, which is unusual, unlike many other characters in the series.

Tatsuki Arisawa

Tatsuki Arisawa is a student of high school Karakura and a friend from the class of Ichigo Kurosaki, his childhood friend and former karate partner, since they went to the same karate dojo when they were children.She is also the best friend of Orihime Inoue and looks after her since her brother’s death.

Mizuiro Kojima

Mizuiro Kojima is a student of the Karakura high school and one of my colleagues from Ichigo.Despite his appearance, Mizuiro is, according to Ichigo, the “murderer of I will” passionate to women older than him.He often succeeds with him, which most likely results from his appearance and behavior during meetings with interesting women, he discovers, combines and often arranges with more than one woman, so he often has to apologize to Keigo, because he must cancel date with him.

Chizuru honshō

Chizuru Honshō is a student of the Karakura high school and is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki.She is a proud lesbian who seems happy almost all the time.Her name is on the list of the 31st student in academic achievements.Chizuru is a lesbian who does not hide her sexual orientation and at every opportunity takes the opportunity to kiss Orihime Inoue, compliment her and stroke her breasts.

Don canonia

Don Kanonji is the owner of the popular television series and a self -proclaimed ghost hunter.His real name is Misaomaru.Don canonia is a good show that oversees himself and is very proud, so when he first met Hollow, he did not want to let ichigo fight, but he wanted to see the “evil spirit”.But when he realized how strong he was, he preferred to leave him Ichigo.Despite this, Canonia rarely escaped from the opponent, especially when the cameras are spinning so as not to deprive their fans, especially children, hope that the characters still exist.

Karin Kurosaki

Karin Kurosaki is the daughter of Isshin and Masaki Kurosakich, Ichigo’s younger sister and sister of Yuzu.In the anime he is friends with Tōshirō Hitsugaya.Like Yuzu, it often helps in a family hospital.He sees ghosts like Ichigo, thanks to which she learns that her older brother is Shinigami.Karin is a very confident girl and sometimes he seems a bit growing.She is the twin sister of Yuzu.

Yuzu Kurosaki

Yuzu is Ichigo’s younger sister, as well as the twin sister Karin.Unlike her sister, Yuzu is more restrained and more empathic than she.Yuzu deals with home duties, cooking food, cleaning and even cutting Ichigo’s hair from time to time, and also helping in a family clinic.He also likes playing with his horse, but he doesn’t know that he is alive and often dresses him in clothes or something similarly feminine.Yuzu also tends to be nervous when Ichigo disappears for a long time.

Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki, previously known as Isshin Shiba, is the father of Karin, Yuzu and Ichigo, and thus the head of the Kurosaki family.He has a small private clinic of Kurosaki Clinic.He is a very experienced doctor and can perform almost every medical procedure in his clinic, except for major operations.He is a former Shinigami and former Division Captain 10, who gave up his powers to save Kurosaki Masaki from becoming Hollow.

Kurosaki Masaks

Kurosaki Masaki was Echt Quincy and wife of Isshin Shiba, mother of Ichigo Kurosaki, Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki.She died nine years ago by protecting her son from Grand Fisher.It was later confirmed that this was caused by Yhwach’s machinations, which significantly weakened the massacres, which in turn allowed Grand Fisher to kill her.

Ururu Tsumugiya

Ururu Tsumugiya is a shy, black -haired girl who mainly performs work at the Urahary store.Urur’s skills in battle contrast with her normal attitude, which until now was indefinite, but considered very high (Kisuke Urahara described her skills as being at the “anti-shinigami level”).He is often a “victim” of intimidation of Jinta, after which Tessai copies of Jinta’s ass.

Jinta Hanakari

Jinta Hanakari is a small, red -haired boy who was to perform homework in the Urahara store, such as cleaning.Instead, he usually doesn’t care, forcing Urur Tsumugiya to do the whole work.Although she is still pushing her, it still seems to care for her, for example, when she restores Urur’s body after she was hurt by Arrancar.Although he knows much more than his appearance would suggest, he is still very childish.

Kūgo ginjō

Kūgo Ginjō is a mysterious man who appeared 17 months after Ichigo Kurosaki lost his power of Shinigami.He is also the leader of the XCUTION Group.Kūgo has black hair almost to his shoulders, which he wears brought back, just like Sōsuke Aizen.It is tall and wears a black leather jacket with a fur collar, underneath a light t-shirt, dark pants and a cross-shaped necklace.

Shūkurō tsukishima

Shūkurō Tsukishima is a user of Fullbring who attacked Ichigo and his friends since Ichigo contacted Xcution.Shūkurō Tsukishima is a very opaque, cold form.At first glance, he seems very relaxed and calm, it seems that he can assess his subordinates and opponents well, so nothing surprises him.His comments to others are often mocking or provocative, although his overall attitude is extremely polite.


Riruka Gothamine is a former member of the XCUTION organization, which was dissolved after the death of Kūgo Ginjō and was registered there as a member of 003. Riruka is very confident and quite insolent.She is so confident that she said Kūgo that she has a better chance of attracting Ichigo Kurosaki to her side than he.Her previous performances have also shown that she is very impatient and full of verve.

Yukio Hans Vorarlberna

Yukio Hans Vorarlberna is a quiet boy who belongs to the XCUTION organization, in which he is registered as a member of 005. Yukio is a fairly quiet guy who after Rirukii has the habit of playing video games for most of the day.But sometimes she also behaves very childishly, annoys Rirruk and says that you can see her panties when she kicks the door, ignores her when she counterattacks, she thinks it’s cool that his opponent has an ice -haired sword or refuses to do things that justI don’t want to do.

Kazui Kurosaki

Kazui Kurosaki is the son of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue.Born after the fight with Yhwach, he has the SHINIGAMI powers.Kazui has dark orange hair and orange-brown eyes.His facial features are clearly the features of his mother, his hair resembles Ichigo’s hair, but they are much less pointed.During the performance, Kazui wears a green hoodie.

Ichika Abarai

Ichika Abarai is the daughter of Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.She is shinigami trained in Gotei 13. Ichiki’s facial features are similar to Rukii (especially her eyes, which seem slightly brighter than Rukii).Like Renji, her hair is divided into rough strands and partly associated with a ponytail.The color of her hair is not revealed in the manga, but it is a reasonable shade of red.

Sōsuke Aizen

Former captain of the 5th Division, Sōsuke Aizen, despite his level of power is a man with a calm and cheerful appearance.Later he turned out to be a traitor to Soul Society (together with Tōsen and Ichimaru).He is the initiator of a conspiracy aimed at destroying Soul Society.To recover Hōgyoku (the pearl of destruction), created and hidden in the body of Rukii Kuchiki by Kisuke Urahara, organizes the execution of Rukii, which causes anxiety in Seireitei;Then he pretends that he does not live with the help of his Znpakutō, which has hypnotic powers to be able to act discreetly.

Yumichika Ayasegawa

At first glance, Yumichika Ayasegawa really does not belong to the eleventh unit.Because Ikkaku is already 3rd, and he considers number 4 ugly (as a synonym of unlucky in Japan), he preferred to be in the 5th place, which would mean that he is stronger than his rank and that he is certainly as powerful as Ikkaku, even ifHe allows him to fight voluntarily.He loves beauty above all.

Momo Hinamori

Momo Hinamori is a lieutenant of the 5th unit under the command of Aizen.She is a good friend of Renji and Kira, as well as the adoptive sister of Captain Hitsugayi (Rukongai).He loves his captain Aizen and will be so nervous with his (alleged) death that he will challenge Captain Hitsugaya for a duel, believing that he is the killer.Then he will run away from prison to avenge his captain.Despite his delicate appearance, she is very strong and even opposes (at least in words) to Captain Kuchiki, when he gives the order to put in a seriously wounded Renji to prison without treating him.He is also an expert in the field of Kidô (magic) and baking.

Shūhei Hisagi

Shūhei Hisagi is a lieutenant of the 9th Division.When he was younger, when he was not a victim, he had under his command Renji, Hinamori and Kira at the Shinigami Academy for their first mission to hunt a hollow in the real world.He has deep respect for former captain Kenseia Muguruma, and his tattoos pay him tribute.

Tōshirō hitsugaya

Ichimaru Gin was the captain of the 3rd Division and a former lieutenant of the 5th Division, under the command of Aizen Sosule.After arriving in Seireitei (after graduating from the academy in a year, which is amazing), he secretly killed the third headquarters of the 5th branch and took his place.For the first time he appears after Byakuya Kuchiki confirms Renji and Rukia that the latter was lost.

Izuru Kira

Izuru Kira is a lieutenant of the 3rd branch.He was first under the orders of Gina Ichimaru, and then, after the betrayal of the latter, under the orders of Amagai Shūsuke (in anime).Izuru Kira will be again without a captain after Amagai suicide.Izuru was born in a less noble family, his parents died when he was young.

Sajin Komamura

He is the commander of the division 7. His appearance resembles a humanoid, giant fox.To hide his real appearance, he wore a mask until the fight with Kenpachim Zarakim.He was a good friend of Kaname Tōsen until the day he betrayed him and Soul Society.He became Shinigami to honor Yamamoto because he was one of the first people (together with Tōsen, who did not see him) who did not renounce him for his appearance.His Zanpakutō is called Tenken, but he almost always fights Bankai.

Byakuya Kuchiki

He is the captain of the 6th Division and the head of one of the four noble Soul Society families.She is a very rational, nice person who faithfully warns the law from the death of his wife Hisana, older sister Rukii.At her request, he accepted Rukia to his family and was supposed to protect her like his own sister.At the same time, he swore to his parents’ grave that he would never break the rules of Soul Society, even if they don’t seem to him (completely).He feels the debt of guilt towards Ichigo for allowing him to choose again between the law and the desire of his heart.His Zanpakutō is called Senbonzakura.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

He is the captain of Branch 12 and the head of the research department.He has a strange and constantly changing appearance, resulting from the experiments he carried out.Because of these experiments and inventions, he sometimes has very unusual combat techniques.His Znpakutō is called Ashisogi Jizō.He likes to refer to beings with special strengths as “test entities” and has very macabre features.He is a scientist who hates perfection because perfection does not allow improvement.

Nmu kurotsuchi

Nemi Kurotsuchi is an artificial being composed of Gigai created by Mayuri, whom he calls his “daughter”.It regularly serves as distracting Mayuri’s fights and acts as an analgesic.The artificial nature allows Mayuri to use it as an object, for example, forcing it to perform small physical work or putting various mixtures into her body (Shayelappo grant will pay the price).He will save Ishida’s life, giving him a cure for the poison that Mayuri infected him.

Shunsui kyōraku

He is the captain of Division 8 and a former student of Yamamoto.He looks lazy, spends his dreams and likes to drink Sake, but he is a strong, loyal warrior and has good skills in handling people.He was one of Yamamoto’s students with Jūshirō Ukitake.His Znpakutō is called Katen Kyōkotu.After the death of Yamamoto, he was elected a new Gotea Commander 13.

Ikkaku Madarame

Ikkaku Madarame is the third division officer and like all division members, he especially likes fight.He will meet Zaraki, his future captain, in Rukongai during the fight between them.Although both were not Shinigami yet.At the end of the long fight, Madarame will lose and swear to sacrifice his life to the only man who could dominate him.For this reason, he will enter the ranks of the 11th Division.He will be Ichigo’s first opponent in Seireitei, with whom he fiercely fight.

Rank Matsumoto

He is a lieutenant of the 10th Division.She is a beautiful red -haired woman with a large chest, which she emphasizes with neckline and which she does not hesitate to use to achieve her goals (see Hitsugay’s landing in Ichigo).He loves alcohol and does everything to put away the moments of work.She is a friend of childhood and he seems to have feelings that are reciprocated.They lived together from the day Gin found her in Rukongai.

Chōjirō Sasakibe

Chōjirō Sasaki was a viceroy of the 1st division.Not much is known about him except for his great admiration for the Victorian era.He is killed by Quincy Driscoll Berci at the beginning of the last arch, in a fight in which he will first use his banking to defend;He would master her before older captains, such as Shunsui Kyōraku or Jūshirō Ukitake, but refused to act as a captain because of loyalty to the captain-auditor Yamamoto.

Yoruichi shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin was once a leader of the division 2. He helps Ichigo and his friends to get to Soul Society.Initially, she took the figure of a cat and liked to embarrass Ichigo when she changed.Yoruichi is very revealing and becomes the subject of several Fanservice scenes.It also has a very special relationship with soy of FON and is very close to Urahara.


He is the captain of Division 2 and a former member of the bodyguards Yoruichi Shihōin, who had a violent injury to her to fight.After her defeat, she forgives Yoruichi her disappearance without a trace.Her Zanpakutō is called Suzumebachi.Despite this, she quickly becomes embarrassed when Yoruichi is around her, often giving the impression that she wants to establish a relationship with her.That is why he is very polite and respect his former mentor.

Jūshirō ukitake

He is the captain of the 13th Branch and thus the head of Rukii.A former student of Yamamoto is a very intelligent, quiet man who values his subordinates.He suffers from tuberculosis -like disease because he is still coughing with blood, which from time to time makes him unable.His Zanpakutō is called Sōgyo no Kotowari.

Kisuke urahara

Kisuke Urahara is the owner of the seller store useful items for Shinigami.He learns that he is a former commander of the 12th Division and the founder of the research department.Kisuke is a very laid back person who often brings Iga and his friends crazy.He usually wears a hat, coat and sandals with green and white stripes.As for this, Kisuke can also be serious and turns out to be a very strong warrior.According to Aizen, Kisuke has a higher intellect than himself.His Znpakutō is called Benihime.

Retsu unohana

He is the captain of the 4th Division and specializes in healing powers.She is a beautiful and gentle, yet very assertive woman who sometimes has a slightly morbid and sinister behavior that even silences bandits from the eleventh unit.Her Zanpakutō is Called Minazuki.Although She Rarely Participates in Battles and Her Company is the Weakest, She is Considered One of the Strongest Shinigami.Her Previous Name You Yachiru Unohana.

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

He is the captain-commander of the gotei 13, the division 1 captain, and the the teacher of shunsui kyōraku and jūshirō ukitake.He is a very old man and strictly follows the rules of soul society.He is Considered the Strongest Shinigami of the Last Millennium and very muscular despite his old age.His sword is called ryūjin jakka and is the strongest of all zanpakutō.He is killed fighting yhwach after His Bankai is Stolen from Him.

Kenpachi Zaraki

He is the Commander of the Division 11 and the Only Commander Who Neither Knows The Name of His Zanpakutō Nor Can Arrange for Its Release (in the Beginning, At LEAST).The name Zaraki Kenpachi is a name he Gave to Himself.It is composed of the Words “Zaraki”, The Name of A District in Rukongai – The Slums of Soul Society – From Which He Comes, and “Kenpachi”, and Title Given to the Strongest Swordsman.In His Arguments, he relies entirely on His Strength and the Hardness of His Body;He appears very uncouth and brutal, but tends to lecture his opponents and give them a second chance.

Shinji Hiako

Shinji Hirabo is the leader of the visored.Although he is Almost Always The Protagonist of Comic Skits, He Knows How to Be Serious in critical moments.One hundred years Before the Current Events He was the captain of the Fifth Division and, Distrustful of Aizen, He Chose Him as a Lieutenant Precisely to be able to control Him Closly;Howver, Due to His Distrust, He Did Notice the Illusory Properties of Aizen’s Zanpakutō, Allowing Him to Continue His Plans Undisturbed.

Kensei Muguruma

Kensei Muguruma is the Captain of the Ninth Division.With a Muscular and Athletic Physique, He Wears a Blue Tank Top with a Gray Outline and Orange Gloves, Has Silver-Gray Hair, and has the number 69 Tattooed on His Abdomen, Which Shūhei Hisagi Imitated by Making A Similar One on His Cheek AsA Sign of Gratitude After Being Was Saved As a Child.According to What Kuna Revealed, He is short-tempered, quarrelsome, and somewhat irritable.

Rōjūrō ōtoribashi

Rōjūrō otoribashi, also know as rose, is a man with longe blonde hair.He was Promoted to Captain of the Third Division One Year Before Kisuke Urahara, 111 years ago.This Years Later, When the Blackots on the Rukongai Reach Captain Kensei Muguruma and His Lieutenant Mashiro Kuna, Rose is Sent Along With Shinji, Love, Lisa, and Hachigen to Investigate the Incident, Which Turned Them All Into Visoreds.

Lisa Yadōmaru

Lisa Yadōmaru is the captain of the 8th division, she was formerly the Lieutenant of That Company and Served Under for Former Commander Shunsui Kyōraku.Furthermore, Lisa is One of the Eight Shinigami WHO Were Hollowfied Through Sōsuke Aizen’s Experiment and Thus Became one of the visored.Because of this, she temporarily lived in the Worldne World, in exile in karakura.

Kaname Tōsen

Kaname Tōsen is Blind, Has Dark Skin, and Braided Purple Hair, and After Serving AS the 5th Seath of the 9th Division Under Muguruma Kensei, He Became the Former Captain of the 9th Division.Tōsen is mainly interested in the notebook of justice, and became a shinigami in order to fullfill this ideal.This motivation of Tōsen Comes from the Murder of His Best Friend, Forcibly Married to a Nobleman Who Killed Her Without Being Worred by The Courts.Aizen Recruits Tōsen After this Incident, Promising Him to Overthrow the Corrupt Monarch that Reigns over the Seireitei (and Thus Do Justice to His Best Friend).Drring Aizen’s Rebellion, Tōsen Goes with Him to Huco Mundo and Gains Vizard Powers, Allowing Him to Summon a Hollow Mask to Increase His Strength.

Ulquiorra Cife

Ulquiorra is a very strong fighter.Before His Final Battle Against Ichigo, He Appears to Have No Trouble Dealing With Opponents, Inspes Fighting With His His His Pockets, Which He Only Uses To Block Attacks Or Stab Enemies Unarmed.Only in the last fight does he finally draws sword, with what he is also very skilled.

Asguiaro EBERN

ASGUARO EBERN WAS AN ARRANCAR IN THE SERVICE OF THE WANDENREIEI Organization.Despite being an arrancar, he has shown some service towards the leader of the wandenreich, and even showed annoyance and anger before ichigo kurosaki when kurosaki called him “arrancar”, tribing to prove him other by use by quincy powers.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

As the sexa espada, grimmjow is the 6th bridge powerful arrancar in aizen’s army, with a level capable of rivaling ichigo repeatedly and being an an opponent athick of a shinigami captain.He has Not Been Shown to Possess at Least One Unique ABILITY BUT IS A VERY PROFICIENT HAND-TO-HAND Combatant, Possessing a Masterful ABILITY TO USE IT AS HIS PRIMARY MEANS OF ATTACK.He is equally deadly with punches and kicks, and is very unpredictable.

Shayelaporro Granz

Being the Octava Espada, Szayelaporro is the 8th Arrancar with the Highest Destructive Power in Aizen’s Army, Which Makes Him a Not Inconsididerable Enemy, At the level of a soul Society Captain.In Addition to Undeniable Combat Skills, Szayelaporro is Responsible for the Scientific and Technological Development of Huco Mundo, Being the Inventor of Numenous Spiritual Weapons (or So Dondochakka Claims).

Tier Harribel

AS The Tercera Espada, Harribel is Officially the 3rd Most PowerFul Arrancar Within Aizen’s Army, Making Him One of the Most PowerFul Characters in the Series and An Opponent Comparable in Terms of Strength to A Captain of the Gotei 13. Her Spiritual Pressure is soThat both she and the other espada who occupy the top four postions in the hierarchy are totally prohibited from release their zanpakutō under the domes of the las noces.

BARGGAN Louisenbairn

Being the Segunda Espada, Baraggan is Considered the 2nd Most PowerFul Arrancar in Aizen’s Army, Which Also Makes Him One of the Characters with the Greatest Combat Potential in the entire Series, Comparable or Even Superior to that of Most.Of the shinigami captains.His Spiritual Pressure is So Great That He and the Other Espada of Rank 4 or Higher Are Prohibited from releasing their zanpakutō inside las noches.

Nelliel here Odelschwanck

In Her Original Form, Nell Wields a Zanpakutō, and Her Abily and Knowledge of the Battlefield Are High Enough to Make Her One of the Most PowerFul Arrancars in Existence.Although it is true that, as nnoitra told Her, Her Former Position as the Third Arrancar with a Greater destructive capacity no longer means anything in the scale of the power of the current espada, despirtStrength, She was all to put the fifth sword on the ropes, which makes her a warrior of enormous potential.

Coyote Starrk

Starrk is the primera espada and, therefore, the bridge powerful arrancar in aizen’s army, it was believed until it was discovered that the number of swords is council 0 to 9, alluding to the fact that yammy llargo released his zanpaku-tō Converts fromSword 10 to 0 is the strongest.While His Laid-Back and Lazy Nature Makes Him Disly Taking His Fights Seriously, Starrk Has Proven To Be One Of The Most PowerFul Characters in the Series, Measuring Up to The HigHest Ranks of Soul Society.


Yhwach is the King of the Vandenreich, The Sternritter with the Designation a and the Strongest Quincy.He is cruel, devious and absolute authoritarian towards his subordinates.A thorand Years Ago, he was sealed by Yamamoto, But after 900 years his heart started beating again, after 90 years he regained his intellect and after 9 years his power.During the Invasion of Soul Society, He Kills Yamamoto and Steals His Bankai.His Goal is to Conquer the World in 9 Days.

Ryūken Ishida

Ryūken Ishida is the Father of Uryū Ishida and with Him the (Currently) Last Living Quincy.He is the Son of Sōken Ishida, Uryū’s Grandfather, and an old Acquaintance of Isshin Kurosaki.Ryūken Comes Across as Very Cool and Rational.Also, he obviously doesn’t believe in shinigami and quincys.He repeatedly emphasized to uryū during his childhood that he was not interested in anything that uryū understood that his father had no quincy powers.Also, Ryūken Forbade Uryū From Training With His Grandfather.

Sōken Ishida

Sōken Ishida is Ryūken Ishida’s Father and Uryū Ishida’s Grandfather.He was one of the last of the quincy Until His Death.Sōken Was a Kind-Hearted Old Man with Gray Hair, and Mustache and Glasses.He was loved and admired by His Grandson, Who saw Him not only as a grandfather but also as a teacher.Sōken Sems to Have Been More of A Pacifist or At Least A Peace-Loving Person, As Can Be Inferred from His Quincy Philosophy.

Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth is the Sternritter with the Designation B the Right Hand of Yhwach.He is respected by Most Quincys and is Considered by Many to Be Yhwachs’s Successor.Bazz-B calls Him “jugo”.Haschwalth Broke Ichigo’s Bankai Dering the Invasion.

Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin Nakk Le Vaar is the Sternritter with the Designation “D”.He is part of the schutzstaffel and looks like a black-haired boy, with a small tuft that falls in front of his face and with full lips.He is a very lazy character: in fact he is the only one of all the quincys who dos not actively take part in the war aginst the shinigami.One of the main characteristics of Him, howver, is that he is very cautious and thoughtful.His Particular Power Consists in Altering the Lethal Dose of Any Present within within His Own Organism OR HIS OPPONENT, SO AS to Survive Deadly Attacks Or Cause Death.

Äs nödt

Äs nödt is the sternritter with the designation f. äs ’gender was unknown because of the long hair and the half mask that covers the lowers the low Half of the Face, buta but l lateter revealed to be tiny.Äs can inspire fear in his opponents.This is How äs Defeated Byakuya After äs Table His Bankai.Äs is burned by yamamoto’s flames shoe survives.

Quilge Care

Quilge Care is the stertitter with the designation j and is also the commander of the hunting army.He Defeats Harribels Fracciónes and Ayon BUT IS Defeated by Ichigo.Howver, quilge gets back up and delays ichig’s arrival in soul society by imprisoning him in a reishi prison.Before he can kill urahara, orihime, and chad, he is killed by grimmjow.His Quincy: Vollständig is Called Biskiel.

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