Bleach in Europe and Latin America: What happened to the premiere in Disney+?

It seems that the long -awaited adaptation of the anime of the last episode of the Bleach series took on an unfortunate turn with the premiere of the first episode.Since the official announcement that the series will be available ”

on the hul in the USA and on Disney+ around the world

“, Information on the premiere and the entire anime is scanty.It seems that Disney+ did not advertise or inform his users about the series even “soon”, not to mention the development of the issue that came later.

As it turns out, Bleach a thousand -year -old blood war seems to be inaccessible to everyone outside the UK when it comes to European broadcasts.Judging by the information currently available on the Internet, it seems that even some Asian countries did not have access to the episode to this day.

Because fans are confused and rightly frustrated, many began

Threads and discussions on the forum

A> to try to find out what is happening behind the scenes, while addressing Disney+ helping to obtain all kinds of information why the service they pay for is not provided.

Subreddity and even Discord servers have been home for countless fans for the last two days, where opinions and shared with fans from around the world are collected.From what has been established so far, it follows that Disney+ support has found how the series is currently available in the “following regions: Great Britain, IE, AU, NZ” and that “antenna time may vary depending ontime zone. ”

This initiated some rumors about licenses problems, which are becoming louder every day, when the series remains inaccessible to those who pay for the promised service.What’s more, the anime, which first appeared in Japan on October 8, premiered 2 days later, but on Myanimelist the date was determined on October 11.



The information from October 11 agreed with the initial answer, which the user received on October 10 and published it online to shed some light on the situation.The communiqué stated that “it seems that the program would be available in the morning”, further explaining how “the programs are usually published in the eastern time.

And after checking it will be around 8 or 9 am. “Needless to say, this did not happen the next morning, so license rumors began to appear in the center of attention.

In addition, some of the feedback, which many users received from the technical support department, seemed only to explain the situation, and not answer the question why this is happening and when it will be resolved.In the opinion, it was stated that “we (Disney+support) we do not have the exact date when it will be issued in other regions, but we assure you that we (Disney+support) will deal with it to be available, because the new anime series will be available all over the world”.

Finally, the forums and discussions appeared that the last in the chain was the most often answers

link referring to a page where we can learn more about the series

.It seems that this page has only updated its headline to determine the exact regions in which the anime is currently available, leaving “old” information in the content of the page (see screenshot below).

In addition to the fact that most Europe does not have access to the series, frustration seems to grow when

Disney+ has published a tweet that Latin America has not been included in the list of countries where the series will be available at all


After removing


Fans can now repeat, ambiguous opinions from Disney+technical support.To make the matter even worse, when the news that Disney has now had a license on Bleach, it was almost at the same time announced that Crunchyroll took off the series.That is why it seems that only Hulu has all the episodes available on its website, while Europe and Latin America remain completely cut off from the franchise.

Fans currently expect that the latest episode will be available in their regions, it will turn out whether this event was one -off or will be repeated in each subsequent episode.

Because the fans were robbed from the premiere because of such poor implementation after the series, he was officially starting the broadcast, and a completely disappointing advertising campaign, which made many people wonder what platform to look for to watch the series, we would like to end this report in a more positive toneAnd say that the ten -year waiting was finally over, and the first episode of this arch meant that the last season of Bleach came first on the list of the highest rated anime Myanimelist on the day of the premiere.

Made on Myanimelist on October 10, 2022.

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