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Explanation of the end of episode 1

, read on!It is difficult to express in words what this premiere means for people who grew up watching Bleach.Bleach is not only anime, it was an anime for some of us.In those days it was unlike anything on television.To find out everything about the release of the second episode, it is here.

Some time has passed, and the series wants to speak to people who are not familiar with everything that has ended.Therefore, it was necessary to introduce everything important for the plot, and it did very well in



.Soul Society, defenders of Karakura and Holl were re -introduced in a way that seemed natural, while maintaining a threat from the real enemy of this arch: quincies.

A group that everyone believed that they disappeared and the natural enemy of Reaper of Souls returned to take revenge, and the story is written from here.If you have any questions about the completion of the 1st episode 1

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

, we’ll tell you!

Explanation of the end of 1 Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

Until the end of the first episode

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

When mysterious events take place throughout Japan, Shigecuni Yamamoto-Genryuusii, captain of the first division of the Soul Society’s main military branch, sits in his office, unaware of most incidents.

When he is thoughtful, he suddenly appears six masked men and allegedly kills one of his people.They claim that they come from Wandenreich and declare the Soul Society war.Although masked men do not explain too much, Wandenreich is actually a secret quincy empire planning the destruction of the world of ghosts.

About 1000 years ago, Quincy lost the war with Shinigami and was forced to escape the human world.They finally landed in Seireitei, which they considered a safer place to regroup.Using the abundant Reishi, they created their hidden empire and hoped that they would gather sufficient power to take over the world, destroying Soul Society.

Although the leader of the masked 6 is never presented to the captain, later it turns out that he is in fact an Arrancar named Luders Friegen.Although he respects Emperor Wandenreich, he is quite patronizing towards his compatriots and seems to be considered higher than them.Unfortunately, this attitude quickly gets into trouble.To find out how many episodes the series will have, he reads it.

Until the end

Bleach Thron Year Blood War Episode 1,

After escaping from Ichigo’s clutches, Asguiaro Ebern meets with other Wandenreich members.However, Ebern quickly indicates that he would never bow to someone like him.Before he can fully understand what is happening, Luders’ right hand is cut off and falls to the ground.

It turns out that Asguiaro Ebern is actually bowing to a furious man sitting on the throne, who tells Luders that he hates conflicts and asks for a report on recent events.Although the series ends with this and does not offer much insight into his identity, it turns out that a mysterious man is no one other than Yhwach, tenderly known to his subordinates as the father of Quincy.He is not only the current emperor of Wandenreich, but also the son of the king of souls.