BLEACH “THRAND YEAR BLOOD WAR” ARC EPISODE 3 release date, time, announcement and where to watch

Posted on October 22, 2022

The Anime Bleach series returned with the Th really 10 years with the Th really 10 years.The first 2 episodes showed us what to expect until the end of the season, and fans are looking forward to the premiere of the new episode.

Manga Bleach was written and illustrated by Tite Kubo.He was served for fifteen years at Weekly Shōnen Jump Shueishy from August 7, 2001.

until August 22, 2016

Episode 2 begins with the quarrel of Luders and Eberna before Yhwach, eventually they were both killed by Yhwach.

Later, it turns out that the Yhwach was captured by Harribel, and Huco Mundo was already destroyed by Quincy, and took the other survivors as hostages.

On the other hand, Ichigo could not sleep suddenly because of strange things;During the patrol he met Nell, who escaped with Huco Mundo.

After taking her home, Nell tells everything that happened in Huco Mundo and asks Ichigo for help.He explains how Harribel took over after the death of the previous owners of Huuco Mundo.

In the meantime, Urahara appears suddenly and asks them if they want to visit Huco Mundo and save the survivors.


Ichigo agrees quickly and goes with them with Orihime and Chad.However, Ishida rejects the request to save them.

Meanwhile, the other espads tried to fight Quilge, the commander in the place responsible for the attack.

However, they were unable to meet him and were quickly defeated.On the other hand, Ichigo finally appears on the spot and takes the matter into his own hands.

Episode 3 announcement

Pictures of the third episode of the Bleach Tybw arch were the premiere.

Date and release time of episode 3

Episode 3 BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Arc is expected to be released on October 24, 2022. Fans in the USA can watch the series on Hulu, and fans from Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada can watch the series in Disney Plus.Disney Plus has not yet announced the release date in Latin America and most European countries.

Here is the date and time of release for an international audience.

Pacific time –

8:30 Time PT (Monday)

Central time –

10:30 CT (Monday)

Eastern time –

11:30 ET (Monday)

British time –

16:30 GMT time (Monday)

European time –

17:30 CEST (Monday)

Indian time –

21:00 time IST (Monday)

Philippine time

23:30 PST (Monday)

Japanese time –

12:00 JST (Tuesday)

Australian time –

2 AM ACDT (Tuesday)

Where to watch:

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll would not broadcast anime.However, viewers can watch it in Disney+, although you must have a premium subscription to be up to date with the latest episode.Fans from the USA can watch the series on Hulu.