BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Episode 1 Review: Return of the king

The time has finally arrived.After nine years of waiting and a year of building, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 1 sets a new era of the series and the last.Let’s see how the opening in this review went!

Discussion of the first episode of Bleach Thakeand Year Blood War

What can you say about Bleach, what was not said before?This is one of the most popular anime in the West of Japan of all time and is considered part of the big three, the anime trio commonly recognized as part of the popularization of the anime medium.The performance returns after a nine -year break, because its first edition ended in 2013.The latest season of the series is developing

Studio Pierrot

, the studio standing behind the original series, as well as other giants, such as Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul.

The last part of Bleach is directed by Tomohisa Taguchi, which was involved in the production of Persona 4 The Animation and Twin Star Exorcists, and the series is based on the manga written by Tite Kubo.This episode is also referred to in the original Japanese language as Bleach Sennen Kessen-Hen Episode 1 (Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 1) and Bleach Tybw Episode 1.

– Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Hen Episode 1 does not contain spoilers –

BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Episode 1 Review – Declaration of War

It is difficult to express in words how much this premiere means to me and people who grew up watching Bleach, but I will try.Bleach is not only anime, it was an anime for some of us.It was not nothing else on television.He was cool, stylish and exciting in a way that seemed organic and authentic, pushed by the concept of calling battles between the groups he patented.Philosophically deep plot, extremely well -written character arches, phenomenal music and battle production made the series what he was.Sure, he had disadvantages, but who cares when everything is so noisy?

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Watching how the death of fillers slowly dies and not very well received fullbring arc and ignorance or anime will ever come back, they were very sad, but one moved on.You see, there was still manga.The story went great until it ended suddenly.Suffice it to say that Bleach and his fans were once again immobilized by corporate interference and unfulfilled promises.This last series represents the redemption of people behind the scenes and fans who always hoped, and even those who did not do it.This is the redemption of the program rejected to the side and returning to take what he deserves.

These words may sound excessive to you, and they are very much, but I would not say them if this episode did not somehow increase my confidence in the bleach as a property.The first episode of the last Bleach saga was absolutely amazing.That was all that anyone could ask, and even more.Turning to the elephant in the room, the series has been modernized to the present time and looks like an absolute dream.Bleach always had a fantastic animation, especially in the long anime, but this episode looked like a movie in how animated it was well.We’ll see how long it will last, so let’s enjoy it while we have it!

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It was a moment, and the series still wanted to lure people who may not know the whole program he had gone through.Therefore, it was necessary to introduce everything that was important in the story, and the episode coped with it very well.Soul Society, defenders of Karakura and Holl were re-introduced in a way that seemed natural and continued to maintain a threat from a real enemy in this arc-quincies.The only group that everyone thought was extinct, and the natural enemy of Soul Reaper returned to take revenge, and the story is simply written from now.


Bleach a thousand years Blood War, Episode 1 was as good as this program, and maybe even more.He was well animated, the music was phenomenal, and the series gave the tone of the final very well.