BLEACH THRAND YEAR BLOOD War Episode 2: The war was announced!

Bleach officially returned after the tenth summer of absence and the first episode is simply amazing!Ichigo’s appearance gave us chills, and the view, as he uses his banka, was very satisfying … We live at a historic moment and the noise is complete, but Disney+ really disappointed his subscribers, without offering a simultaneous transmission …

BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Episode 2 will be broadcast next week

, so in the meantime you can always discover Chainsaw Man, whose first episode will be published today on Crunchyroll.Several years have passed since we had such a busy month of anime, so use it fully.

Bleach a thousand years Blood War, episode 2: Will something go wrong?

Studio Pierrot did a unique job, modernizing Bleach’s animation, without disappointing fans from the first hour.The scene in which Ichigo and his friends land on the roof of the building and annihilate Holle, almost caused tears in our eyes!Some will say that Ichigo used his banka when he didn’t really need it, but it was necessary to commemorate this opportunity and this scene would not have the same taste without this power demonstration.

BLEACH THRAND YEAR BLOOD War, Episode 2 will not be available until the next Monday

So waiting will be long!Usually, the first part of the new season consists of twelve or thirteen episodes before the first break, which should last several weeks.

Anime staging, music, animation, dialogues, everything was perfect and you can’t blame the first episode that will probably go to legend!Of course, if you didn’t grow up with Bleach, this return may not have the same taste for you, but know that this is just the beginning of a great arch!

Bleach a thousand -year blood war, episode 2: A mysterious trailer?

If you have an end of the subtitles, you probably watched

Trailer of the 2nd episode of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

: “To take the first step forward, without the possibility of returning towards the sea of blood of the entire universe.It does not bode well for our heroes …

What is the release date of episode 2 Bleach Thousand Year Blood War?

Episode 2 will be broadcast in Japan next Tuesday, but with a difference of time will be available in France the day before.Thus the release date

BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Episode 2 is scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2022


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