BLEACH THRAND YEAR Blood War Episode 3 Review: Sneak Attack

Ichigo came face to face with Quilge Care in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 3, and as the first real battle in the latest season, you know that this will be something!Let’s get to the review right away!

Discussion of episode 3 Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

What can you say about Bleach, what was not said earlier?This is one of the most popular anime in the West of Japan of all time and is considered part of the big three, the anime trio commonly recognized as part of the popularization of the anime medium.The performance returns after a nine -year break, because its first edition ended in 2013.The latest season of the series is developing

Studio Pierrot

, the studio standing behind the original series, as well as other giants, such as Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul.

The last part of Bleach is directed by Tomohisa Taguchi, which was involved in the production of Persona 4 The Animation and Twin Star Exorcists, and the series is based on the manga written by Tite Kubo.This episode is also referred to in the original Japanese language as Bleach Sennen Kessen-Hen Episode 3 (Bleach Sennen Kessen Hen Episode 3) and Bleach Tybw Episode 3. Click HERE to read the review of the previous episode!

– Bleach Sennen Kessen, review of episode 3 for chickens does not contain spoilers –

Bleach a thousand -year review of the episode 3 of the Blood – the first clash

Ah, there is really nothing better in anime than a good fight.We all win when there is good against evil and unstoppable force against the stationary object.Bleach always fought great fights and made a brand thanks to fantastic confrontations.Thanks to the new style of animation and the elevated quality of this new season, the prospect of every new fight is very impatient.This time Ichigo vs care caused all the excitement of fans, and how could it not be?It was Ichigo, our hero, defeated the honest Sternitter.

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It is true that the fight between them was at the head of episode 3 Bleach Thousand Year Blood War.And it was fantastic.Apart from the animation and the brilliant sound, which was always supposed to be good, he did a great job, introducing all strong and (lacking) quincy and making them part of the narrative in which Ichigo got into a fight is dangerous, not knowing anything about his opponents, just like the audience.This is a natural way to do things that have been done in anime for centuries, and Bleach is not different.In fact, some would say that Bleach is too familiar with this kind of story.

For decades, Bleach has been struggling with complaints about identity in his arches.Critics often pay attention to the fact that the series finds ways to create enemies with different numerical values for our group of main characters to systematically eliminate, while providing many different combinations.First, how is it bad?The bleach has a unique formula, thanks to which his writer can write well and translates into some phenomenal moments.Secondly, it’s not even the same!Sterritters have alphabets, not numbers!By the way, the last statement was only semi -joking.

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The difference between the previous and current one is that even if Ichigo is not familiar with what is happening around him, everyone else knows it.Quincies are a huge threat not only because they are to become extinct, but also because the program has subtitled subtly built them for such a long time.Each new episode brings us closer to who King Quincy and his past are, and the series maintains the expectation very well thanks to the fast pace and intelligent story.This episode depicted their past through Uryu, who is an infinitely fascinating figure in this arch, being the last real quincy.

Finally a fight.What else can you say about him, except that he was great?Care is a great figure to build such a fight, because he is strong, but he is not too overwhelming, and at the same time he is tall enough talkative and proud to convincingly act as a discharge of information without destroying the flow of the program.This time, Soul Reapers also noticed more important, and some of them even had several dialog lines.Nobody would imagine that they would be such a modest three episodes of the series, but here we are.The end of the episode put us somewhere, where we will see how they work, whether they like it or not.


Bleach Th really Year Blood War Episode 3 was fast, pretty, addictive and very funny with struggle scenes and building the world.This is a program that makes you look forward to Monday.