Bleach: Thron-Year Blood War Episode 2 Preview released

Bleach Anime returned last week with the adaptation of the Arc Thakeand-Weear Blood War, and the announcement of the second episode has already been released.Kisuke Urahara and Nell will appear next Monday, and you can see the view of the paintings:

Bleach: Thron-Weear Blood War-Episode 2 Preview Images

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Summary of the second episode

Ichigo and his friends learn through Denreishinki Ryunosuke about the attack on Soul Society by mysterious intruders and the sizes of damage.Ichigo and his friends are solving themselves, but when Ichigo is looking around the city, Nel and Pesche Guatiche, two were Espada members, they come with Huco Mundo.The empty ball is also attacked by an unknown enemy and they both ask Ichigo for help.When Ichigo and his friends go there, Kisuke Urahara appears in front of them.

Tomohisa Taguchi is again responsible for the script and script, and the director of the episode is Mitsutoshi Sato.Michio Hasegawa is the main director of the animation of the second episode of Bleach: Thron-Weear Blood War.


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