Bleach Tibw shocks fans with the brutal death of the characters in episode 2

Bleach: A thousand -year blood war still meets expectations thanks to the brutal episode 2, including the terrifying death of many characters.

With an amazing 9.11/10 rating on Myanimelist after only two episodes, Bleach: Thrite Year Blood War still dominates both in global conversations about anime and on social media platforms around the world.

The second episode of the new anime premiered on October 17 and a few minutes later “foundation stones”, the fans were shocked, seeing one of the most brutal death scenes in the latest history of the series.

So, what happened in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, who died terrifying death in episode 2 and how did the fans react online?

A warning about the spoiler: This article will include a short summary of Bleach: Th really Year Blood Episode of War 2, so read at your discretion.

What happened in Bleach: Thron Year Blood War EP 2?

Bleach: Thron Year Blood War


2 was entitled “Foundation stones” and opened in Silbern, where Luders Friegen nozzle in pain after terrible cutting of his hand.

Yhwach agrees that Luders (who is still bleeding) can submit his report, but if he does not do so, then I need his legs – with incredible pain, Luders manages to kneel to submit a report.

Go to the Kurosaki clinic, where the group is considering Ichigo’s help in dealing with a recently arrived villain, but they come to the conclusion that this is not needed because their Reiatsu has already disappeared.

As soon as Ichigo returns, Yukiek’s phone calls with information that all 116 members of the first branch were murdered by a known group, including Sasakibe.Depressed, Ichigo then goes to patrol the area, but Nell appears here with Garganta high above him;Shouting and moving at an incredible speed, Nell falling here falls on Ichigo.

Returning to Silbern, Yhwach asks Luders if he is a prophet, because his report contains theories about planning the route … Yhwach blows on the head of Luders, and soon after also Eberna.

Return to Ichigo and Nell Tu, who confesses that Huco Mundo was attacked a moment before Pesche crashes next to them.All three return to Ichigo’s room, where they tell the rest of the group what happened;They agree to go and help Huco Mundo, but unfortunately Uryo cannot join them because there is quincy.

Upon arrival, the group sees members of Jagdarmee leading dozens of Arrancar chains from the battlefield – which is in itself the scene of absolute horror.Jagdarmee leader, Quilge Care, begins to kill Arrancars one by one, saying nonsense that if they ask for life or join them, they will also be killed.

Suddenly two of them prisoners avoid attack and break the shackles, revealing themselves as Menoly Mallia and Lola Aivirne.Quilge easily disarms a couple and overpowers them, but orders soldiers not to kill them because they prove their value.

Just a few moments later the new trio enters the battlefield and begins to cut Jagdarmee soldiers;This is Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose and Cyan Sung-Sun!

All three are fighting bravely, but it seems that they fail to beat Quilge with each attack when we see Ichigo and his group rush towards the battlefield … Ichigo finally reaches them, only to be terrified to see the sight ofQuilge standing over the unconscious and bloody bodies of Tres Bestias.

Fans react to a brutal but thrilling second episode

While Bleach fans understood that the latest episode of anime soear blood war will be really epic, social media reactions prove that the whole community has been shocked by brutality.

“The episode is full of choosing a direction that I liked starting with the capture of Yhwach’s reflection on Luders’ blood, matching who Yhwach is.Things, like this, is in the whole episode and means the intentionality of the visual identity of the arc, “he said with one fan on



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Episode 2 is pure ruthlessness.Yhwach not only cuts his hand to the Luderom, but also blows his head.The same applies to Eberna, and this additional scene in which Halibel is defeated by Yhwach in Huco Mundo proves that he is the worst villain from Shonen Jump


– yutoyuuki2806 (@yutoyuuki2806)

October 17, 2022

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Another fan


: “A nice, chilling introduction to the most dangerous antagonist that Bleach saw.”

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Luders actually deserved a punishment according to the Yhwach, but damn when Yhwach said to Eberna: “There is nothing worthy of praise or punishment …” and as Ebeba said “thank you very much” in response with pure fear, it was the most important attraction of BleachTybw Episode 2.

– Dressing (@theoutLier35134)

October 18, 2022

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However, fans should prepare for the upcoming much more brutal battle.One of the viewers

made available

: “People think this episode of Tibw was bloody?Episode 2 … Bruh just wait, it’s nothing. ”

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This scene was perfect.Seeing how brutal Quincy are, you feel sorry for the Soul Reaper before the outbreak of war.Anime really raises how crazy these guests are, and as a manga reader I could not be more proud.Episode 2 was divine.🤩



– 🎚yamiki🎚🎚 (@yamiki__)

October 17, 2022

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