Bleach: Tybw, Episode 2: Honoring SasakiBe Chojiro Death

Bleach Thrite-Weear Blood War came in the second week, and the fans finally received official opening and ending songs and animations.As for the story, the arch seems to be accepted by the In-Medias Res approach, because we were already witnessing the beginning of the conflict between Quincies and Shinigami in the first episode, when Wandenreich declared the war of Soul Society.

In the first episode in Soul Society there was a destructive incident that consumed the lives of many subordinates in Gotea 13, but also Sasakibe Choujiro.Unidentified intruders who appeared out of nowhere, killed 116 members of the 1st Division who guarded the Kokurao gates and appeared in the chambers of the captain of the commander.It was there that Soul Society warned the war in the presence of Yamamoto Genryusai, just a few seconds after Sasakbe’s body flew into the room and was nailed to the wall through a ray of blue light – a characteristic feature of quincy’s weapons and skills.We learn about everything that happened at the beginning of episode 2 from the research and development department report.

While the anime worshiped the deceased Vice -Capitan of the first branch in the most subtle and cordial way, the depth of his loyalty and devotion remained covered for those who did not read the manga.

The connection of Sasaki with the captain of Gotei 13 was partly disclosed during the conversation of Kuchiki Byakuyi with Abaram Renji just before the official funeral we saw in the episode.This takes place in chapter 486 manga, and therefore, guided by the pride and honor of Kuchiki Byakuya sheds light on the legacy of the deceased Vice -Capitan.

From his monologue we learn that in fact Sasaki was one of the strongest Shinigami in Soul Society.As Byakuya said, he was to become a captain because he mastered Bankai before Shunsui Kyouku and Jushiro Ukitake.However, Sasakibe never used his abilities before others and never tried to get the position of the captain, or even just a substitute for the authority of the captain, which was embodied by Hisagi Shuuhei and Izur Kira after the betrayal of Ichimar Gina and Sosuke Aizen …

Bleach, chapter 486

Due to the records showing that Sasaki never took part in battles, he was often offended by other Shinigami who treated him like an ordinary Sekikan, i.e. a sitting officer.However, his determination and loyalty never weakened and remained a victim, serving at Yamamoto Genryusai.His promise was to serve as a vice -header as long as Yamamoto Genryusai lived long, and this is what the thought was honored by a touching, emotional scene just before Genryusai gave the order to light fire at the funeral.


Biller, Chapter 486/Buly: Tybw, Episode 2

Another detail, which the anime was honored very subtly, is that Sasaki actually uses his banki in the first episode.Just before the officer, he falls into the office of the captain of the commander to report the intruders in Soul Society, Yamamoto speaks the beginning of a sentence about Sasaki, which he never really finished.Just a few seconds later, the broken body of Sasaki hangs on the wall of the office, and when the intruders withdraw, Sasaki initiates Genryusia’s warning about the enemy’s ability to steal Bankai.Looking back at the words of Byakuya from Chapter 486, a man with a character, such as SasakiBe Choujiro, used his banki in battle for the first time and died.

There is more information about the divided bond between Genryusai and Sasaki in chapter 504, as Genryusai himself mentions during the invasion, which has already begun at this moment, so maybe here it is here that anime will give this powerful bond, filled with pride, respect and loyalty light, onwhich certainly deserves.

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