Bleach vs Chainsaw MAN: Anime characters change Twitter and Mal into toxic war zones

BLEACH: THRAND YEAR Blood War and Chainsaw Man are bombarded on Myanimelist;The Twitter sphere does not look better.

Thanks to yesterday’s premiere of a man with a map of Mappa and Bleach: a thousand -year -old Pierrot Blood War the day before, the autumn anime 2022 is now available.Fully and better believe that we are here every moment.

Especially this season everyone will find something for themselves.Do you want supernatural adventures?Watch MOB Psycho 100. Do you want a sports thriller?Watch the blue padlock.Do you want a healthy comedy?Watch a spy x Family.Do you want to have a romantic comedy?Watch Uzaki-chan.

However, of all programs that are presented on the new platform, only two series dominate on social platforms around the world, the mentioned Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man.

When critics, journalists, fans and production teams will digest the debuts of both series, an unfortunate trend appears on the web;The time has come to talk about why Bleach and Chainsaw Man are bombarded with reviews for Mal, and childish abuses take over Twitter again.

Myanimelist becomes a zero point for the bombing of the review

While platforms such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic can be sites visited by most lovers of Western television programs and films, Myanimelist remains the highest side in terms of anime.

With each season, the website is getting bigger, and more and more users are taking active roles in the MAL community.Fascinating forums range from topics discussing the nuances of a single cage after professionally made comparisons between niche programs that only a handful of users have ever heard of them.

Mal shines the brightest when you “go down to the rabbit hole”;When you discover that you are reading the most unusual shots from anonymous anime fans who have one of the most passionate and unusual idiolectes you have ever encountered.

Unfortunately, Myanimelist is also a highly toxic battlefield for spoilers, internet abuse and a bonfire of the current situation, a review of bombing.

Before the start of autumn granting anime 2022, the whole community understood that it would probably be a competition between Chainsaw Man and Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War for “Aots” (Anime of the Season).Perhaps it was from our naivety that this competition not only began before the premiere of Bleach on October 10, but also the debate became burdensome so quickly.

At the time of writing this text, Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War is the highest rated series from the new board, rated on 9.12/10, from Chainsaw Man in the near second at 9.03/10.The problem is that both anime series are already “bombarded with reviews”, ie users reject the series because of one reason that it threatens their favorite programs in current rankings.

“Fans of Chainsaw Man and bleach fans, please do not review the bombs of each other!Both currently receive many 1 start ratings (even if both of them have a high result in total) ” – user entry, through



After just one episode, each Bleach has over 1650 single -star ratings on MAL (over 5% of all reviews) and it is not much better for Chainsaw Man, which has over 1,300 unanimous ratings … and after 48 hours!

Episodes that open both a thousand -year -old blood war and Chainsaw Man may not be for everyone, but they are certainly not a reason to show, which will receive one star – except for the aforementioned petty of contemporary anime characters.

“How uncertain you have to be by reviewing the Bleach bomb so that CSM can be higher?You know you can vote without touching other series, right?- user post through



In fact, very few anime series ever deserve to be evaluated with one star (Season 2 Promised Neverland is a personal exception), and a review of the program bombing the program for one reason for competition ruins all hope for a reasonable online experience.

“No bleach is better than a man with a mechanical saw and a man with a chain saw is not better than the bleach both are goat, stop arguing that one is better than the other.”- user entry through



Unfortunately, the recent bombing of reviews of both Bleach and Chainsaw Man now achieve a particularly gloomy milestone for a wider community.The programs no longer have the benefit of having a clean card before the debut, because fans have long decided that specific anime does not deserve the highest place in the MAL ranking.

The good news is that if this toxicity becomes too large, you can simply close the MAL rankings and scroll Twitter … where the anime community is much more civil.

Anime expresses rage on Twitter due to recognition

It lasted about as long as each of us expected.

In general, the anime interactions were already quite toxic in social media, but this is how you will always find what you are looking for.If you look for arguments, you’ll find arguments;If you publish something that is to mix in a pot, it will be involved, set on fire and plunged into the L+ to forget.

However, the global conversation on Twitter about Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War vs Chainsaw Man in the last two days was even depressing for everyone without a profile photo of Ichigo or Makima.

While fans should “” appreciate the fact that at the same time two amazing programs are broadcast, the debate has already been degraded to cheap insults and uncomfortable invectives.

We will not publish any of them here for obvious reasons, but unfortunately we have found many answers containing racist and homophobic insults, as well as references to users.ridicule ”… only for a simple reason to like anime that someone else does not like.

This is not permissible in any online community, not to mention the community with so many young members who may not see/understand where the satirical versions end and begins offensive.

While the anime debate does not necessarily have to be full of sun and rainbow, it certainly does not have to be reduced to hate or tricks;It serves the industry better to celebrate as a fan of anime, not to abuse anime characters.

The conversation about both Chainsaw Man and Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War will probably last for the next three months and longer.However, both Bleach and Chainsaw Man are fantastic in themselves – they do not need to be compared at every intersection.

I hope that Myanimelist can again become a more fair platform for evaluation and reviews, while Twitter removes all posts/users who exaggerate with online arguments.Let’s sit comfortably and enjoy the anime season, which will certainly provide amazing and unforgettable moments.

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