Bleach: What is Soul Society?Rules, death, souls, etc.

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Soul Society

This is a place for most Bleach, because it is after all Shinigami House.It is a place that those who saw anime or reading manga know about, but there are a lot below the surface.This is more than the house of Shinigami and Gotei 13, it is the whole society, as the name suggests.

Many of these items have been mentioned in the series in the past or by a terrifying knowledge dump.So if you are new in the universe of Bleach in the new season,

Here’s what Soul Society is!

What is the soul community?

Souls Association

This is one of the two places where souls can go after death, the other is hell.This is where most of the stories take place.


And his story will play an important role in the next thread.Yes, if you forgot, the whole thing is played in the afterlife, and

Soul Society

This is a place where souls and shinigami reside.

Souls Association

It is conceived as a giant city surrounded by a ring of giant walls.

The outer district, called Rukongai, houses human souls in modest villages.Shinigami live and operate in the city center, and various districts are controlled by the relevant Gotei 13 units.

When the soul dies in Soul Society, it reincarnates into the human world without the memory of their past life.Knowing this, it is a little easier to endure all deaths caused by Aizen and Quincy.It’s good to know that Unohana, and even Yamamoto, will find a way to revive in new bodies.To find out who Quincy are, come here.

Everyone knows that the age in Soul Society slows down significantly, and Yamamoto is an example.Not all Soul Society members can extend their lives to such absurd levels.Only shinigami and rare rukongai with high spiritual pressure can reach the duration of Yamamoto.Most live from 400 to 500 years.To learn more about Yhwach’s powers, read it.

Although 46 central are anonymous pawns in terms of form, they have some impact on the hierarchy of Soul Society.This shows that in

Soul Society has always existed control and balance.

Like the president in real life, they can’t do everything they want.To learn everything about Wandenreich, go here.

Two ways of execution

Soul Society

This is a giant halbard, which had the destructive power of over a million Zanpakuto, capable of completely destroying the soul in contact.The second is even worse, the prisoner is placed in a well surrounded by a kind of stone that absorbs spiritual energy, making a prisoner powerless.When it is, the crevices go crazy, until the prisoner is torn to pieces.

At first glance, one might think that

Society of souls

This is feudal Japan and that most of his populations live in the same way.They have very little technology and live in a world of low fantasy.However, the Shinigami Research Institute freely uses devices that we have today, and some even outweigh ours.