Bleach: What to remember before a thousand -year blood war?Summary

Discover a summary with positions to remember before whitening a thousand -year blood war!

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Summary in front of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

, read on!With Bleach’s return and his last animated arch after a decade, we expect that our orange -haired hero will attract a lot of attention this year.

Knowing this anime, he submerges deeper with the culmination of the story of Ichigo in

A thousand -year blood war

We expect it to be much worse.

Thanks to this to say, we think that it is more than ever the best time to offer you, a reader, a short background about the inhabitants of the city of Karakura, Soul Society and the rest of the world


Here is a summary before we start

Bleach a thousand -year blood war!

What should you remember about Bleach a thousand -year blood war?Abstract!

Anime, which adopts the latest story of the manga, focuses on the ongoing conflict between Soul Society and Quincy.Quincy, like Soul Reapers, hunt for the main monsters


, Holle.In fact, the only main difference between Quincy and Soul Reapers is that they are people, and in the face of Hollow, the goal of Quincy is to destroy, not cleansing the soul.To learn everything about Wandenreich, go here.

In ancient times, Quincy and Reapers of Souls were companions.But the terrible event, which will thoroughly examine the anime, made them enemies.In fact, Quincy are probably the most difficult enemies that Soul Society has ever faced.

Therefore, the best place to start is Chapter 34-46 of History


This is a plot that Quincy is examining in detail in the series for the first time.It presents Uryu Ishida, one of the last quincy still active in the human world.It is thanks to the conflict between Uryu and Ichigo that readers will get an in -depth understanding of who the quincy are.To learn everything about Quincy, read it.

When the fans last saw Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and others in the last episode


, the helpless Ichigo returned to the human world to bury the body of Kuga Ginjo, a substitute soul reaper, such as Ichigo, whom he killed in the battle.When leaving, Ichigo says goodbye, as if he was never seen in Soul Society again, unless something terrible happens.To get to know Yhwach’s powers, he reads it.

The best way to find out everything that has happened so far is to read the last few chapters of the lost deputy Shinigami Łak, chapters Bleach 470-479.In addition to quickly informing readers about events leading to the beginning of the new anime, it also emphasizes some problems, such as the lack of flexibility of Soul Society in Bleach.