Bleach: Who are Quincy?Clan, society, especially etc.

Find out who Quincy are in Bleach a thousand -year -old blood war!Explanation and history of the clan

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who are quincys

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They meet Uryu Ishida, the last quincy, but their clan has grown since the anime with the appearance of new characters.


They are powerful human warriors who can manipulate Reishi to feed their spiritual weapons and fight with the Hollows to free the world from evil.



They don’t see much

Quincy clan

because Uryu and his family are known as one of the few survivors.Although Shinigami does not trust Ichigo’s partner, Uryu is welcome in the fight with Aizene, although reluctant.However, the existence of a Quincy clan becomes crucial for the survival of the universe, because their corrupt leader, Yhwach, plays a great game for power, and all efforts lead to the final battle in

Bleach of a thousand -year blood war.

Who are Quincy?


In fact, they are people with parapsychic abilities who come from the king of souls.This is because their king, lives, is the son of King Alma.Yhwacha’s blood flows through all


who were born, and their direct relationship with the king of souls meant that some powerful parts of the body of the omniscient being became


Special power


This is a skill known as Blut, which allows them to absorb Reishi energy into blood vessels, giving them absurd amounts of terrifying power.Another unique skill


There is a shadow technique that allows them to move imperceptibly and teleport through the shadow.Yhwach used this technique to teleport his city, Wandenreich, to an alternative dimension he created in the shade.To learn everything about Wandenreich, go here.

This maneuver made Gotei 13 believe that


, which actually became extinct, were hidden in the shadow dimension.There they waited for an excellent opportunity to revenge on Soul Society, revenge, which was perfectly justified.The Quincy Society is a society in which undeniable strength reigns, and “survival of the strongest” is more reality than the motto.In


They are not particularly involved in loyalty, except for their collective loyalty to their ruler, Yhwach.

The quincies

They are also very technologically advanced because they can steal Bankai to the powerful captains of Gotei 13. Another interesting note about the Quincy community is that there is a division into blood


Pure and the one that is mixed with blood people, also known as mixed blood.Pure blood quincies participate in arranged marriages to keep pure blood.To learn more about Yhwach’s powers, read it.

Quincie has one glaring weakness, something they hate and are afraid of more than Soul Reapers: emptiness.Huco Mundo, devouring souls, are poisonous to human anatomy.


And they can completely destroy them.


They have to destroy Holl to survive, unlike the Soul Reaper who cleanse the Holl to maintain balance in the human world, the community of souls and Huco Mundo.To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

The Quincys

They represent one of the most unique and innovative aspects of the universe with a bow


A proud and powerful society that had previously died in the shade.Tragedy and terrifying power


They make Yhwacha children one of the best Tite Kubo accessories for the bleaker.