Blue Castle Episode 2 Date of release, hour and where to watch?

Posted on October 13, 2022

Even before the adaptation of anime, Blue Lock became one of the favorite manga of sports fans of the decade.It was not surprising that the adaptation of anime was soon announced.

The series has 24 episodes, which means that it will be broadcast for 6 months.The first episode of the series has already been released.If you like squid games and football, you’ll definitely like what will come.

Anime takes place in modern Japan;The national team failed to provide a good world ranking and is eliminated from the tournament very early.

To improve the current situation, the National Football Federation employs Jinpachi to help her win the world championship.

At the beginning of the episode of the series, we see Isagi running towards the goal, being alone with the goalkeeper.He decides to give the ball because being selfish is not good.

His teammate loses the chance to equalize, and the opposing team counters them and scores, which gives the final result of 2-0 and crushes Isagi’s dream goes to national matches.

After reaching the house, his mother tells him that he received a letter from the Football Association and was called to a trial training camp.

After arriving at the place, he learns that there are over 300 attackers.Then Jinpachi enters and explains his intentions.

His real motive is to train the attackers to make them selfish, even if the lost will cost your team.He supports his idea with the example of Noel Noa, who defeated Messi and Ronaldo for Golden Ball.

Isagi, convinced of his morality, joins the program and is subjected to the first attempt in which he tagged people.Whoever will be marked as last by football until the 2-minute timer ends, will leave the Blue Lock program.

Meanwhile, the one who fails the program will never be able to play for Japan in his life.The game begins with people who try not to be marked.

However, in the last few seconds of the round of Isagi, he grabs the ball and decides to be selfish and shoots towards Kira, who was one of his friends and throws him out of the program.

Episode 2:

Pictures of episode 2 Blue Lock were published.

Date and time of release

Episode 2 Blue Lock is to be released on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Crunchyroll will broadcast anime to fans from North America.Muse Asia and Netflix will broadcast the series in some regions.

The release time for an international audience is as follows:

Pacific time: 9:30 PDT Central Time: 11:30 CDT time: 17:30 European GMTczeski: 18:30 Indian cente

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Where to watch:

The original television network for this anime in Japan is TV Asahi.Her English television network in Southeast Asia is Animax Asia.

Crunchyroll has a license at Blue Lock outside Asia, and Media Link supports this program in South Asia.

Well, the availability of these platforms will depend on your location.So check if it is available in your region or not.