Blue Giant Anime Film: New Teaser Out!Final release date and everything you need to know

Anime Blue Giant may as well be the biggest anime film at the time of the premiere.Musicals are often underestimated in the world of anime.But one thing that can be said about the weaker is that they have a surprising factor.So in the queue to release in the coming year there is a blue giant anime film.And the film has been in the attention center for some time.This week he brought some of the latest updates.Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Made by Studio NUT, the film can be one of the largest projects of the year.The final release date was announced.But fans are still waiting to confirm the date of the international premiere.Read on to find out what fans can expect from a new movie!

Blue Giant Anime movie: Official announcement!

The message first appeared on the official movie account on Twitter.So the latest update brings us a completely new trailer from producers.Along with this, we also have the final loss of cast and members of the series staff.The 36 second teaser contains a brief description of this adventure, which we will enter next year.But besides, no other important information appeared for fans.You can watch the trailer here:

What is anime about?

According to the official abstraction of the manga, the story of Blue Giant is the original adaptation of the manga of the same name.So Dai Miyamoto is part of the Basketball Club in junior high school.But for him everything changes very quickly.One beautiful day a whole group of musicians went to the jazz club for a moment.But of all Dia members he was the one who was deeply moved by music.

He thought a lot about this form of art at home.And so the journey begins, which will create the history of the anime.At the time of writing this text, the final plot of this film is unknown.But he will definitely be there and his passion to become a jazz musician!

Anime Blue Giant movie: release date

The final release date of this new project has already been announced.And fans would not have to wait long for the project to appear on the screens.The film’s opening day is February 17, 2023.This is the release date from Japan.At the time of writing this text, the international premiere of the film was not finalized.We will definitely update this section as soon as more information appears on this subject.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to get all updates only here.